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Vape Mail 2018


I think it’s a single flavor, not a one shot, and it’s very good. It was a new flavor profile for me (jam on toast), but had to mention it here.


out at my airfield/shooting range/par 3 course. and I get vape mail, way to Beautiful day to stay inside, few pics with my Paranormal 250C Project Sub-Ohm EDITION, SHE IS sSSSWWwwweeeeettTTTT :sunglasses:


I have nothing worthy of putting on it, need special edition steamcrave V2 mini in Pearl Fish!!! HELP :sweat_smile:


Hehe, I haven’t seen that one yet, but maybe …


@Mix_and_Hope You had me at par 3 …


yes I have a airfield 800 yards x 200 yards I build and fly giant scale RC planes, the BIG boy kind, and I set my steel targets out when I want to shoot my pistols and rifles, and I Set my flag, grab my 9 iron, sand wedge, putter and par 3 !!!


I don’t think there is EVER a bad time, to push high quality rounds down range !!!


That is a formidable challenge! Not only must that atty be gorgeous but it must be a stellar performer to sit atop that masterpiece. I have nothing. All of mine would look drab.


Received my winnings yesterday from @Heaven_Gifts!! Perhaps a review to come?


My exact thoughts @SmilingOgre, I have roughly 25-30 tops and none,zero have the class that needs to represent this masterpiece, I am ashamed to put anything on it, I am at a lose. I feel helpless, just kinda down and out, I might need some counseling , i dont know !!!


Hang in there! Don’t involve a shrink. Those people are crazy. You’re normal, trust me. If you need to talk, I’m here, well, if I’m not grocery shopping. I’ll keep looking. Together, we can conquer this!


I am ordering Black Steam Crave, I know it is the best choice, Black and blue go hand and hand !!!
Now I would hope you post your pics of yours, would like to see if they are from same mold, would like to see the other side of the pics i didn’t post. Thanks Man !!!


Tell you what @Mix_and_Hope I just so happen to have a large stockpile of black Steam Craves. I will def. plop one on top, when it gets here !!!


Got myself a infinix pod device and a falcon bubble tank just recently. The tank is nice. Does not leak. Not a big fan of the bubble glass. Looks a little …cracky…in lack of a better description… but I do like the 7ml capacity. The pod system works good. Nice for 40mg salt alpine strawberry/lemon grass mixes on the go. Really do appreciate the non obnoxious clouds out in public. Less of a head turner when hanging out at the beach with the family.


@SessionDrummer, I bet all of them are great, but what is your favorite one in black, I’m still on the hill as to choose one. I know I want no more than 4 ml cap. , , 510 drip tip , Flavor and did I MENTION FLAVOR !!!
The Aromamizer RDTA I have know is perfect, except need black,. Do they make a better one, cause I can’t see it getting no better than this !!!, I have a Rose by EDEN MODS, and Squape R that are FLAVOR ELITES, but they are stainless, if they where black, I would put them on there. 4am and looseing sleep over this…
@SmilingOgre I need some consultation , OCD rehabilatation, couch shrink and drugs, something to help the pain !!!


Hang in there! I’m on the way! I have the necessary therapy. When the going get’s tough, the tough eat! I’ll grab someone on the way.


Not quite as sexy as the Project Sub-Ohm EDITION but still all kinds of sexy

I need to get a matchy matchy tank until then the kylin will have to do.


My tank doesn’t match mine either, but hey at least it’s the kylin mini in rainbow. I wish it would match but I take flavor over looks :wink:




Busy night in the Vape cave, and yes, the Cookie is that good.