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Vape Mail 2018


I like that @woftam


From the FA sale…


Is that the plain old “Cookie” flavor on DIYFS? Or is it Sugar Cookie? I’m currently wanting to bathe in Gooey Butter Cake from them-SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOD!!! It’s one of my favorite stand alone flavors.


@paingawd It’s the plain cookie !!!



I miss my steamcrave (aromamizer plus) still not replaced the one that got stolen :frowning:


@tartarusspawn Never too late to replace it with a BUNCH, … just in case…


nice pics @SessionDrummer, but i’m a picky little fart !!! and I would like to see blue sky SUNSHINE beaming down into the blue panel, at different angels on both sides !!! Your beautiful pool for a background would be perfect !! and don’t forget to wipe the panels clean !!! We still friends !! OK :grinning:


@Mix_and_Hope Geeeessssh. I knew I was going to catch hell with those dark pics LOL. I had to mix up about 1L of juice and time was growing short, and I had to get, get, get them up.


Thought I’d give DIY Vapor Supply a go and ordered
some more Hangsen RY4 from them.
Also need some flavors to take the edge off my Key Lime, so the
RY4 Double is good, but Hangsen goes so well with so many other
flavors like Desert Ship, 7 leaves, etc. or just all by itself.


Nice @Spatchka. I have had NO issues with DIYVS at all. Good choices !!!


@paingawd Hehe, the GBC is a force to be reckoned with for sure. I’m not taking bathing off the table yet !!


it’s all good, take your time, not rushing you, whenever you get to it. Man !! 1L of juice, that’s a block party you got going on there !!!


How come no matter how many bottles you have, when you start a mixing session, you are always one bottle short? :roll_eyes: :thinking:

Really love these rectangular bottles though, they stack so much better than the normal round bottles.


Also hope that this rhubarb is usable The One To Rule Them All, as I so far haven’t had much luck with rhubarb :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s because rhubarb is like peas, and mincemeat… A substance never meant to be consumed by mankind! :wink: :laughing:


Or as my brother says, ‘stuff people ate before there were better things to eat’. Just ribbin’ on ya, Goat.


Rhubarb compote by vape train. Very versatile flavor not just for rhubarb oriented recipes, but if you looking for spot on natural raw rhubarb maybe INW would be your friend.

I do like the bottles and hope the flavors are good. At least that makes it more unique :wink:


@Sprkslfly & @anon44944642 obviously neither of you have ever tasted a good stewed rhubarb :yum:, rhubarb & strawberry jam :yum: or rhubarb cake :yum:… I tell you, made properly RHUBARB IS KING! :crown::crown::crown::wink:

OH NO … Raw rhubarb is horrible, prepared it tastes completely different.


Don’t eat the leaves!!

Seriously, I have found several real life foods I do not like have translated well to vaping. I would not be against adding it to my stash when you declare a worthy version.


I could not, would not with a goat,
Should not, will not, blessed by a pope.
I will not eat it with my soup,
You will not find it in my poop! :crazy_face: