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Vape Mail 2018


normally whisper but i snagged mine for a couple years vtc6…


@woftam, I had to sub out making the coils !! I just haven’t got the time, this build deck is taking longer than anticipated !!! https://youtu.be/xzj60BM9oy0


Okay technically it didn’t come in the mail…

Got the paperwork to mail of my AWS scale… so I’ll be doing that next week… but until then I need to mix . So I visited the local adult toy store…
And checked out their digital scales. Found this one and farmer hogget said it best

Edit : weight is from the AWS scale. Just used it to check accuracy


:flushed: Seriously?!
I don’t even wanna know what they’re weighing… =x


Happens to me all the time, I go pick up bread and I finish in the dildo section :wink:


French stick?


So Yeah !! happens to me all the time !!:thinking:



They’re weighing letters, man! And packages! For shipping, yeah, that’s the ticket!


I lerv these little guys


A Green Tesla


A Green Tesla (wishful thinking)


I need that green tesla now !!!

Restocks and new testers…


At this point, it has become a problem lol. One shot testing and newbs…


Be careful my vaping/mixing brothers and sisters !!!

Not every bottle shipped to your homes may be suitable for vaping. Check the labels !!!


A good haul today!


Cutlass92 care package? :wink:


Great looking order. Your going to live that honey dew. I think you’ll be surprised how heavy that flavor feels while vaping it.


I’m LIKING that haul @NChris. You gotta post up some SF tests on those !!!


Seconded! on both points :grinning: