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Vape Mail 2018


I have been eyeing the Pico Squeeze 2, nice to see you like it. With 5 other squonk mods in front of me, justifying its purchase is challenging.


It’s arrived


@R113 , thanks again it’s perfect.

Christmas in July

Okay redid the coils and filled it with 20ml of Blackberry Piña Colada


@tartarusspawn That is a HELL of a lotta Steam Crave !!!

Welcome !!!


Go big or go home !


WTF I ain’t never seen nothin’ like that before WOW :open_mouth:


I really love it!! Its reallly easy to set up and i havent found anything negative to say about it. I’ll be putting up a review this soon. It does take one single 21700 battery. Not sure if that makes a difference for u.


Is that one of them remote control throttle thingies, under the Steam Crave :smiley:


Thank you for the opinion, I have 21700 for a Hcigar Aurora so not a problem there, I think I will add it to the purchase column for next month :grinning:


Yesssss !!! I can finally Sqounk again !! Thank you @Heaven_Gifts




@robin, that’s a NICE looking Squonk. Which one is it ?


We could play a quick game of “GUESS THAT SQUONK MOD”, it looks like a GeekVape Athena?


I believe it’s the Wismec Luxotic.


Whatever it is, I believe it’s a see-through plastic! :crazy_face:


Yes, thats the one " Congratulations #70 @robin!
Your prize is WISMEC Luxotic BF Box Kit with Tobhino*1"


congrat again Robin…nice they sent u a nice color…love the green…have fun an enjoy it…


Its a Wismec Luxotic BF Box Kit. I really like this thing. It fits perfect in my hand and its not to heavy. I like the IIoy capo better because its regulated, but this thing is pretty cool. I just gotta get used to the whole unregulated thing.


Yes, I love the green too.:slight_smile:


Plenty of peps here that be happy to help! Ohms law is easy enuff, the hard part is learning when to change up the battery, it wont hit as hard. Gl and enjoy!!