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Vape Mail 2018


Thank you. I was thinking I needed new batteries because it doesn’t hit as hard as the capo. I guess I still have a lot to learn.


I got myself a copy of my OBS, its to good to only have one of them.


Ordered a second one myself. OBS and SteamCrave are the only ones that satisfy me in the tank world.


The Obs was a big surprise to me tough, did not expect it preformed so wel!
Very happy with it !


And i forgot to post this one aswell, gotten this cheap from a friend that never used it :tada:
Funny to mention but another top air flow RTA :wink:


A few flavors that have worked well for me. Fast shipping from @Nicotine_River


Nice @Daven !!!


Got my second Rage squonker (white) with the free spare bottle. The spare is pink but looks ok in the red Rage. Also got some assorted flavors and squonk pins for the Goon V1 from FT. Gonna go and play for a bit…


I got a black spare bottle.

Loving the mod.


my Triad 250C finally came today, it was supposed to be here Wednesday, but USPS did a fine job of making me more anxious, also picked up a few killer 80’s and 2 peerless rda’s. Already have a theme loaded for the triad, gotta love new toys


Nice. Did you have issues with the battery door like the reviewers have shown? Did they fix that on the final retail version?


Yeah, I haven’t used any other mods since getting it. I don’t think I’ll be going back to tanks anytime soon.


About a year and a half late to jump on the band wagon on this one.

Skyline by ESG

…by Coppervape

Normally, when trying a new RTA, I buy one to see if I like it, and if I do, I get more. This time I took a chance and bought two just based off of the reviews. Gamble paid off. After just a few hours and a few tank fulls, I really :heart: this RTA. Flavor is fantastic. I will be getting more.


No, the one I have is nice and snug with no gaps.


Its tuff, but somebodies got to do it, I got clean, new coil build, new cotton, fill and test 3 tanks tonight, but hey I do got some help, he has been sitting on the grill allnight waiting !!!
Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA
Digiflavor Siren 2 24mm. MTL
Vandy Vape Kylin Mini RTA single coil


I’ve heard of barbecue delivery, but that fellow takes it to the extreme!


Liquid barn arrived today


If you’re not familar with this atty, make sure opening the door while wicking is applied, don’t want to break the window :wink:

I use these daily, but that’s why I’m giving you that warning tho. Hit me up if you need some help, cuse it can be the most frustrating rta on the market lol.


Thanks @eStorm for the heads up, I have not got to that one yet, I just got thru with the Wotofo, probably won’t get to that one till tomorrow. How you guys like my rooster !! his name is DIDDLE DIDDLE #3 !!.. he is only 3 months old, I let him free range . He is beautiful when the sun shines on his coat, !!! Love my chickens !!! 3 dogs 3 cats 6 hens 1 diddle diddle


Do your cats play the fiddle?