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Vape Meme's


One of my friends ordered from fasttech a while back and sent me this and got me laughing a bit…
Let this thread fill with humorous Meme’s… Mwahahahahaaa

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How I feel sometimes while mixing.






He has been, and always shall be, our friend.
The Universe is a slightly poorer place today.



Brilliant @Jimk! :smiley:





MFS posted this on their facebook and I just had to steal it and share it. @NewDrip , @Jondamon and the favorite coil build thread come to mind. :stuck_out_tongue:


If only I could build that low lol.

My Samsung 25R’s put a stop to that one.

I don’t venture below .24ohms at the moment but I do love clouds of flavour.

Trying to find some reputable 30/35A 18650’s at the moment. Genuine sony’s are hard to come by, EFEST can be re wrapped 20A/10A 18650’s. AWT have released a 30/35A 18650 with good specs but not many reviews etc so waiting to see if anyone blows themselves up with that one. Lol.

But I like the Meme @JoJo

Reminds me of sitting on my couch going up in clouds lol.