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Vape Meme's




I never share my vape. Even when I’m chucking sweet ice cream strawberry clouds and my GF is chasin’ me. Mostly cause it’s fun to play “keep away” :smiling_imp:






Girlfriend shared the picture on facebook yesterday, and soon as i saw it I knew I had to make a meme out of it.
Samuri coil!!!

Was debating between “What’s the Ohms on that coil!?” or “How do I wick it!?”


Don’t need wick on that thing. Plenty of juice channels, hell I bet it’d hold 5mls of juice easy.





Maybe your buddies behind you could give you a ride, Forrest.


I was enjoying my Peerless RDA in the car and the person behind me pulled up in the next lane and told me he thought I blew my radiator. LOL


That’s hilarious! I love blowing big clouds in the car. Especially at stop lights. I welcome those looks. I just look at em and blow smoke rings. OOOoo


Haha! So do I. I was at a stop light and saw the guys in the car next to me with their itty bitty vape pens trying to get my attention. I chucked a cumulus, gave them a :v: and tried not to laugh while they attempted to match it.




Yeah… that be me :no_mouth:

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