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Vape pens and what you recommend


My baby is taking a interest in my vaping and is wanting one but she has been looking and seems to be leaning towards a pen more than a mod so what pens would y’all recommend


I’ve always had good luck w/ Vision VV/VW pens.I’d get the larger Mah . One of my all time favorites which I will use on occasion is

I still have 2 of these and they are great too just a bit bigger and longer.

*** Just be careful make sure it’s authentic there are a lot of bad clones out there.


If they are interested in sub ohm starters the ego aio is a good step in as its more restricted airflow and still compact. 19mm diameter leak proof design adjustable airflow good flavor
If they want a noticable upgrade to it use the cubis 0.5 coils they are much better in it than the .6 they come with


That would be even better. I was thinking smaller pens but the new ego line is pretty awesome !

I like the ego One series very much and have the http://www.joyetech.com/product/ego-one-vt/?age-verified=66efdf18a7 and have been satisfied with it as well. I probably like the tank better than the battery but then again I have plenty box mods. I think she may like the ego series they have cute colors too http://www.joyetech.com/category/ego-one-series/


the smok plus kit , i love it and carry it everywhere if im not at home its with me ,


Eleaf ijust2 with melo2 tank. That’s what I used when starting out . Great reliable and long lasting battery


Ego AIO has a very good price and 1500 Mah. Bought two for my sister. Tried it out myself and it produces pretty good vapor for a little thing like that.


Not using them. Decent mod kits are cheap. Don’t waste your money on pens.


I’d rather get her a box mod I have one and I’m willing to spend money on something I feel is worth it like my sigelei 150w but she wants a pen so I’ll get her a little pen and wait on her to want a box mod


Het a proper mod, I made the same mistake, started on pens and just leaks and battery dies, eventually got the rx200 and got into my rta, love it, just wish I started out with it and saved all that money wasted on pens


i still like the aspire k4 and the smok plus kit now i want to try the smok v8 they are convenient on the go just my opinion but most pens types are blah


It’s not a pen but it’s bad ass and 20$ the new joyetech penguin 2000 mah and hold 8.8ml of juice with .25ohm for dl and .6 for mtl I bought two just because! https://vapesourcing.com/joyetech-atopack-penguin.html oh and 50watts