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Vape RSO from pens?


I’m a pancreatic cancer survivor (33 months). I’m fighting my cancer several different ways. I take 250ml of cannabis oil I make myself orally twice a day followed up by CBD orally a few hours later. It’s said to fight metastasis and is working great so far.
I tried to use my homemade oil in a PAX and also in a G pen. The oil has separated from the P+G. How can I get the ingredients to blend and stay blended. It looked fine and smoked fine before it separated.
Is there something special I need to add. The oil is very thick once it cools.
Apologies if I missed this somewhere else I’ve been looking for hours


@CBD123 Have you tried to use sublingually instead of vaping the oil ? BTW congrats on kicking cancers ASS !!!

We have a cbd/cannabis topic here somewhere, can someone merge please ?
You can start looking around here to start with,but there’s more topics.My friend


I actually use different strains to fight cancer. Couch lock stuff thats very high in THC. It fights the cancer best in conjunction with the CBD.
I used the same process making oil with “Happy” strains for appetite and mood enhancement. I’d like to be able to refill my pods but had that separation issue. Pods are $65 but they really do the trick out in public when I’m feeling crappy.
I’ll keep looking and I’m sure something will turn up. Thanks for the positive vibes.


Sounds like you’re in Florida too ? Low THC high CBD ? I’m currently using a 1 to 9 @ 45mg.
Good sleep, barely touching the chronic
pain. But when I here or talk to someone like yourself, I totally forget about my ailments. #OnePlant
Never mind the low THC, I saw u mention couch Lock. Awesome !! So glad you’re having success.


I do have access to the pods according to Florida’s regulations on THC vs. CBD which is very low THC the pods are about $65 also but the vaporizing machine since we are not “aloud access” to smokeable flower, they do allow us to vaporize. No edibles,no grow, no to everything else that’s beneficial. Unfortunately some of us still do what we got to do to survive legal or not.
On a plus for myself I have got my Oxys down to 1 1/2 a day from a handful 4 months ago. Withdrawal sucks !! Need higher THC personally
BTW the vaporizer that’s used for these Pods is $350
Totally ridiculous ! But if it helps anyone it’s worth it’s weight in Gold


I have never done it but I bookmarked this video a fair while ago because i found it interesting it may help you with your separation (it may not but still worth a look)


Thanks for the link