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Vape Train Australia


Mixing was around well before diyordie was.

And it’s really unusual for a colloboration to sponsor a juice company when so little is known about it,they don’t have any historys, potential rebranding or rebooting and it’s imported. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s remixed tpa or etc, that’s was dod is best at, cloning a super basic idea but saying it’s not a clone.
“.00000005% ap makes this my recipe now” lmao

Outside looking in, money is probably the main factor of "enticing others " to buy it.

Shill factor has always been strong there, “it’s not about the money” …said with a hand open, waiting for cash.

Lastly it’s unusual for who they support, very closed community, and it’s been commonly referred too with words such as circle jerk., especially when they pick recipes like mango rice, and say it’s a best thing since sliced bread, but the recipe review from said person 2 months before says it super mediocre and doesn’t even match the flavor profile.

Opinions that are bought and paid for by the sponsors, which I highly doubt are authentic ,should be taken with a strong grain of salt.


I don’t want to get into that discussion, not my business if someone supports or not supports Wayne (diyordie) but I’m looking at flavors from a regular persons view and not who gets supported by whom.

I have no evidence about Vape train (vta) mixing/extracting their own or remixing/rebotteling already existing flavors, but I can say this, out of the hand ful of flavors I have, I was impressed.

I didn’t found a other manufacturer that were nearly spot on with the name of the flavor and its specific location.

For me its difficult to sometimes find flavors based on true European products as far as vaping makes it possible to even create that flavor profile.

For example their pudding base is closer to a pudding my grandma cooked for me as I grew up in Europe, than FLV’s vanilla pudding. However Flv’s vanilla pudding is more of a custard to me than actual FA’s/cap/tfa/pur etc.

Everybody has their favorites and as any other brand each have good, mediocre and just sheer awful flavors. Grabbing a 10ml here and there to see if I like it doesn’t bother me, but I also wouldn’t jump on a hype train and buy the entire line, but I wouldn’t do that with any brand.

Except one drop flavors since they were cheap and only included 16 flavors so far and not 200-800 lol.


Ok cheers obviously ill form my own opinion on them but good info and opinion to know :v: