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Vapers Could Expect To Pay More For Equipment Due To Tariffs


Vapers Could Expect To Pay More For Equipment Due To Tariffs


My first “ego” set came from China a few years back, itwas near 100$ and still it was cheaper than smoking. As the tariffs will affect pretty much all shops and smoking is dying folks will have three choices, pay a bit more, continue smoking or quit.

China’s economy depends on Americans buying the cheap crap they peddle, we are their # 1 customer. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.


My first instinct is to support the tariffs because I would like to see more US manufacturing. China’s economy is doing just fine, and can withstand a few plant closings to see them open back here. The other side of it would of course be the impact to my vape budget. I guess you can’t have your cake and vape it, too.


Or we can just buying tons of shit and… a. Buy better quality, repair broken stuff, and stop over dripping. Lol.


True that. Im still using the cast iron pans granny got for a wedding gift. Our throw away economy has been tough on a huge group of “fixers”.


It’s all but “retired” the profession.

You pretty much have to go into specialty arenas to survive anymore… Unless you want the hum drum of working on shit like cell phones, which is nothing more than ‘pluck and chuck’ (modular replacement) for the majority. :roll_eyes:


Even the computer fixery profession is shit now that everyone has a cell fone that they replace every time a new one comes out. Or a gaming console that gets replaced every two years. I dont remember the last time i built someone a custom PC…


You can if it’s FW yellow cake lol ;p


I completely fail to see how this is going to be interesting… everybody’s going to lose in these trade wars.


I’m interested. I can see a plethora of outcomes. We’re in the infancy stages of the latest round of change, the have a fit and throw shit stage. No doubt entertaining but before too long we should see some actual action taken. I’ve got plenty of popcorn in the mean time.


Yeah I agree, trade wars have never been good for anybody or anything - classic case of everybody looses scenario. And it isn’t just USA vs. China, Trump has pretty much declared (trade) war on the whole world.