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Vapers Sue Juul


Oh puh lease

Like the woman suing McDonalds because her coffee was hot.
Don’t all these products come with big warning signs that it contains the highly addictive substance of nicotine? What more do they expect?

But I do see what Juul did here, very smart fellows there. They lower the nic from 5% to 3%, a 40% reduction. This will result directly in users buying more pods (lower nicotine level, the more you vape - generally speaking). They’re going to see quite a profit boost from all this “negative” advertising :smiley:


Great…Give the ambulance chasers another target, soon to be followed by more legislators screaming about “Thuh chidrunz!!!11!!!” and even more onerous laws that do nothing but fill the state’s coffers.


Lol. It’s more like people during McDonalds for obesity. (I can say this because I go there once every two months for two McDoubles or I call it two chemical cheese burgers lol )


mmmmm chemicals…


Juul getting more heat in the UK too


Does Juul offer a 0 nic version? If so, case closed, no amount of looking cool is compelling people to use the version with nic. If not, then shame on them, they should. Not to say they should be sued over it, people still know full well that nic is addictive. Most kids who start smoking, it’s to look cool or fit in, they know damn well what the risks are and chose to do it anyway. With vaping the health risks are less documented but the issue of nic being addictive is practically common knowledge.

Also, stop using the McDonald’s Coffee suit as an example of frivolous suits. The details of that case are a lot more egregious than the mainstream media represents it and after all, isn’t that the same misinformation game they’re trying on us?


I wouldn’t at all be surprised if these ‘vapers’ are paid shills for big tobacco or some lobbyist groups, with the sole intention of the end result being litigation and negative exposure. I’m not a tinfoil hatist but I would not be surprised to learn that at all.


Yup. I couldn’t agree more. When I am driving sometimes I need to put my McDouble between my legs because I need to read a txt. It burns for sure. But I don’t sue.


Yes of course, 88°C (190°F) coffee is definitely a case to sue a company for $2.86M. When I make my coffee, I use boiling (100°C) water… who would’ve thought that coffee could be hot? What details am I missing??? :crazy_face:

Welcome to the land of the lawsuits!


Educate yourself dear.



What is there to educate?
She bought hot coffee (the one I make is still hotter), she spilled it because she opened the lid while squeezing the cup between her knees (very smart lady!) and she got 3rd degree burns (yeah, whaddaya want?).

Cases like this wouldn’t even make it to court here. It’s beyond ridiculous! I don’t understand how someone can even defend the nature of this case, no matter how many times you try telling me I don’t know the case.

And to me it’s very similar in nature that these idiots try suing Juul for supposedly addicting them to nicotine.


If you can’t be bothered to read the real details of the actual court case, I can’t help you. It’s not my job to cure willful ignorance and God forbid we should derail a thread.


Oh I read the details of the case, there’s zero ignorance here. It’s still ridiculous.


Hmmmm. Moving back on topic!!! Lol. My bad.

Here’s a twist. I’m GLAD Jul is getting sued. Maybe they will make a step down system. Going from 40mg to 30mg to 20mg and so on. This is the number one reason why they won’t get a penny from me.

If someone what’s to vape “x” level of nic…then great. I am all for that. But I truely believe a vast majority of people want to first replace the cigarette then cut back to a level (whatever that may be) until their happy.

The way I see it, jul doesn’t support…well I was going to say something else…but I want to say… for me is that they don’t support my interest in reduction of nicotine dependence. (Whether that represents the greater vape consumer base to include those who have never seen a vape YouTube video or visited a site like elr ir not). One step further in line is Jul’s desire is to only take you one step, get you as a customer and keep you there.


Homemade Peach Cherry Cobbler
oopps, wrong thread !!!


Yes yes yes @paingawd


Does anyone know what 5% nicotene would be in milligrams ? Just curious how strong they acrually are ?


50mg/ml is 5%


That is too much, no wonder they are being sued