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Karma. Believe in it.


Or it could have been the voicemail I left them this morning letting them know about this thread. :wink:

If you click the link in my original post here it doesn’t appear to be down. Looks the same to me.


Idk…I did click your link “check it out” and it still says this for me…so I thought it was just my browser or something so I tried to google it on edge, chrome, and firefox and I still get the same thing every time…here is the link to what I get when I google it…maybe you will get what I get if you click on it…




Yeah, it’s down for me now too. Good.

Now, if this person were to contact me and ask to sell any of my recipes, I’d tell him what I’ve told everyone. Keep the name and give me credit, or change the name. That’s the most fair response I can think of considering I made it public on the internet. To me it’s just a professional courtesy.


this guy has been doing this for awhile…I seen posts on reddit from 2015 asking if any heard of this guy…and lots were saying he was stealing recipies and selling them…he makes your juice as you order…he also sells on Ebay they said…but to be honest he is not the only one…but like SM said …he should giver the mixer credit…


Looks like he’s back up.


If I click your link it takes me to your recipe, but I can’t find it if I look for it on the site.


At least he’s given credit to the mixers now!


Yes he is! I don’t knew w if I understand his business model, I mean with all the flavor shots and everything else out there and the people are already online looking for juice why would they pay him to make them if with just a little more looking they can DIY it.


Cuz people are lazy and don’t want to do it themselves…


Fair enough, I’m just way more cheap than lazy tho.


Ditto. Lazy: sure. Cheap: ridiculously so.


Or they fear they can’t. I was certainly nervous about diving in but $$ talks.


Dude I fell asleep watching you tube and a one time liquid barn commercial came on, yea I know a vape commercial on you tube crazy! Anyway I woke up just in time me and started googling all about them put an order together and found out they didn’t ship to my state, found nic river and spent way to much on shipping over five cents, then the kit got to my house and I was like ok now what!? That’s when I found ELR and it’s been a wild ride so far!


Wasn’t Vapesmith once an option here on ELR to order premixed recipes for any ELR recipe? I seem to remember something like that on the recipe side.


No. That was Vape Crafter I think it was called.


Ya that was it!