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Anyone ever heard of Vapesmith? They’ve obviously heard of me and a few others. I mean they even included my recipe’s photo…but no mention of ELR or credit to my recipe. Hey @daath what are the chances this is one of your scrapers?

Check it out

They obviously like @thirdworldorder and @Alisa among others.


They have e-liquid recipes as a header on each page.

I saw stuff at least 2 from @Beaufort_Batches @Alisa BAN, notcharlesmanson, wanye, vurve and one of yours.

None of mine are on there :neutral_face:


Hmmm, that isn’t actually a link to or endorsement of ELR. Cheesy.


What the… dirty f…ing…

I dont think they are scraping ELR for this, they probably just found some of the popular ones and try to sell.

At least they should give the credit where it is due!


I saw one from @daath on there


Thanks for the detective work @Iummy !

Address Vapesmith
1007-80 Inverlochy Blvd
L3T4P3 Thornhill
Phone 1-416-904-0449
Contact person Scott Lariviere
Email sales@vapesmith.ca


Here is his facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scott.lariviere.9


So what I have learned so far is that is someone’s home, that Address is a condo. Let’s see if we can dig anything else up.


I agree - Looks like they just cherry-picked some popular recipes and started selling them :stuck_out_tongue: And yes, they should have asked, and could have at least given credit :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed. That’s all I’ve ever asked.


I concur that it’s less than honorable to scrape and sell. In fact, there are more choice words and phrases than “less than honorable”, really. But crediting someone else is akin to admitting that they’re just selling other people’s recipes, and they’ll never do that. And of course, they’ll say it’s just a coincidence and the photo they scraped along with it was just ‘fitting’ for the profile. Generally karma comes along for that sort of deviousness eventually.


Karma could very well come along considering that he have entered an invalid tax number on the website :wink:


I bet everything about that website is fake.


Except taking folks money… :wink:

You can bet that portion works as intended!


This just makes DaMomma sad.


I bet your right!


He left all his personal info in the contract and looks to be selling from his house lol. I think Wayne and Manson have protections in place for their recipes so I think passing on his info might be in order.


@Wayne_Walker @NotCharlesManson

When I clicked on the link to this Vapesmith site it now says:

Brief technical interruption

Our website is unfortunately closed at the moment. We will be back soon.

Thank you for your patience.


I bet they are a regular on this or another forum and the word got out!


That’s exactly what I was thinking!!! Busted!!!