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Vapesourcing: Wismec Theorem RTA giveaway!


Dear all ,

We are very glad to share with you our newest giveaway for Wismec Theorem RTA giveaway!!!


Please advise how do you feel about our website .
Your favorite product from our website .
What’s the device you’re using currently.

  • Every participants has at most three times to enter. Please comment each request separately .

The winner will be announced on 26th Nov, 2016

Thank you!


Entry 1
I think your website looks good.
@VapeyMama @Josephine_van_Rijn @r5ta


Entry 2
My favorite product has to be:

@CosmicTruth @Lolly @Grubby


Entry 3
I am mostly using mechanical mods these days but i got a few regulated mods i can use whenever i want.
@Sprkslfly @Steve-o_54 @BoDarc


Entry # 1
Your website is very easy to navigate and your prices are budget friendly
My current device is a Tesla 160 w tc mod w/ a TF4 tank with rba deck…
My favorite product from your site is the SMOK Alien. 220 W .


Entry #1
Good looking website, very well ordered, easy on the :eye: :eye:
@woftam @Ajinkya


Entry 1 - website is very easy to navigate around :+1:

@Pugs1970 @BoyHowdy @Sprkslfly


Entry 2 Would love this in black/red!

@VapeyMama @Kalahariuk @Grubby @Maureeenie


Entry 3

Currently sporting a Kanger Topbox Mini :+1:

@fidalgo_vapes @BoDarc @Newbstar @recipecollector


Entry #2
My favourite product is


Entry #1

Your website is easily navigated!

I love this tank!

Currently using a Boreas RTA on an Aspire Archon



I think the website is OK. Not too exciting. It needs a little pizzazz. It looks pretty basic and gives me no reason to buy here over other sites.


Entry 1
In all honesty I like the simplicity of the site. The iconic styled menu and the sorting and display options too.

This mod looks amazing https://vapesourcing.com/lost-vape-triade-dna200-mod.html

I’m currently using a Pico and a Serpent Mini.

@Pugs1970 @Lolly @Grubby @Kalahariuk



My favorite product is:

Great Price on a good tank



What am I using now? Right now a Kangettech Subbox Nano with an Aspire Clieto with the .4ohm coil.


Entry 1
One of the things on your website I liked was to view all items that you were in (tanks or mods, etc) at one time. Too often a customer has to go page by page, which gets boring really quick.
@LordVape @SthrnMixer @Pugs1970


Entry 2
Something I might have to steal from my stepdaughter…

@Grubby @Newbstar @Naseschwarz


Entry 3
Currently vaping a Griffin 25 on a eVic2
@Sprkslfly @Lovebag @mixologist13


I think the website looks good, looked a bit cluttered on the home page but once you delve into it it becomes a lot clearer.

currently vaping on the Liasimo L3 with the wismec Neuron

@Grubby @Lolly @Kalahariuk


I think the website looks good, looked a bit cluttered on the home page but once you delve into it it becomes a lot clearer.

I am also vaping on a Whiterose PWM with the Goon

@BoyHowdy @BoDarc @GPC2012