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Vapesourcing: Wismec Theorem RTA giveaway!


Whooop! Nice one @TheTinMan1 :+1::grinning:


Grats TinMan!




damn man you just won on the other place too didn’t you. Come ere let me rub your head you must be lucky.


Was just telling Skully I need to play the lotto


Or his belly, like the lucky Buddha he is. Congrats again. You know this is becoming an old statement.


Which one? The congrats? Or “you are fat and have a big belly” one? Lmfao!


No just tired of congratulating every other day. Oh and give me that damn rabbits foot you have. Or send me a copy of it.


You know I am teasing.


I should have entered the White Rose raffle :frowning:
But I’m glad Pugs got a nice bday gift!


Lol. I just totally read that as “White House raffle” and my first thought was yeah. That sounds about like what it’s become.


Ah no I don’t want to get him all excited.


Lmfao! Isn’t that the truth.


Rubbing my belly does it do it for me. Bellow the belly is a different story.


@Skullblade789 It wasn’t very lucky for the rabbit was it


Screw the rabbit. Easier to catch for hossenfeffer. Catch it in one of it loops.


Better vape gear too, sign me up.


You can HANDle that little one yourself.


damnit I just realized I’m out of good Boysenberry and cant get it till well I can order it tomorrow but then I gotta wait till it gets here.


Hey @TheTinMan1 When you gonna tell us your secret or start sharing the wealth. lmao :slot_machine: