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VapeyMama's Battery Operated Boyfriend, the Reuleaux RX300


Awesome review! Excellent work VM. Made me chuckle too.


Thanks TM!


Great write up!

That last pic tho-Are you trying to crush steel beams with your kegels? Day. YUM! GURL!!


Absolutely entertaining! Well done ma’am!


Damn right! Isn’t that a part of every girl’s workout? :grin:


Thanks, Sprks!


Great review VM - waiting for the next one :grinning:


My only critique is that it would have been more appropriate had you released this on Friday :wink: Nice job!


/missing the Smileys…

Yep. That would have been icing on the cake! Lol


Nice review!


Ron Jeremy? Really? I was just about to eat dinner. :grinning:


Thanks again everyone!

@Lostmarbles, I guess eye bleach won’t do anything for a ruined appetite huh… :joy:


One of the most entertaining reviews I have read, so well done!

Pugs already had me teetering on buying one but your review put me over the top, now to find a deal!


I might need to order Bob’s brother, Larry😉


You’re really making replies difficult bud! :rofl:

I’m sorry for what I had to erase. But daaamn it was killing me not to say it.


Hey baby! How are you doing today?


Wow. Is that a toaster in your pocket or …? Its gotta feel hyuuuge. Whats it like to use a single after something like that?


Damn, didn’t get a chance to see it. I’m sure it was a doozy if you had to go back and delete it. :rofl:


Think “therapy”. It’ll do wonders for ya :grin:


Psst! Click on the pencil in the right upper corner of his message and you can read the deleted message. But don’t say i told you so. :wink:


Great review :smile: