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VapeyMama's Battery Operated Boyfriend, the Reuleaux RX300


You should have kept it-That was GOLD!


Awesome review!
honestly guys (and gals), ELR reviews are seriously much more fun that YT :wink:


Lol you should see this thing in my pocket…
Seriously though, I almost forget I have anything in my hands when I’m using a single battery mod. If I go to put one in my pocket I have to ask if it’s in yet…


Sweet! I hope you like it!


Awesome review @VapeyMama. Makes me wanna go get one of those sexy bad boys!


Thanks Jazzy!


Great review with some style …you went Full Hedgehog! Maybe @Whiterose0818 can build you a 510-to-automotive-jumper-cable adapter for that thing in case of dead car battery


Now that would be sweet!


[chuckle] @AuraBorealis forgive Joel5 he is an ancient Member and we all know his psuedo-trolling ways …we forgive him because he’s from Canada and is clearly trying to shed the stereotypical preconceived “Sorry” thing :kissing_heart:

Once you get to know Joel5 (Discord!) you quickly learn there isn’t anything Joel won’t do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: including vooping selfies …ok ok group hugs (lol) …at a minimum safe distance …he may or may-not be wearing pants

:heart_eyes: @Joel5 :heart_eyes:


@BoDarc Thats very kind of you to let me know. Unfortunatly it is too late for me to put this information to use as I let Joels antics get the best of me and did and said some stupid things. It would have been very usefull to know this from the git go as I would have avoided my own disaster. Perhaps there should be a sticky stating Joel is not to be taken seriously. I was starting to feel like part of this community and thought Joel was just some guy that didnt vape and was here to troll. What I didnt know is that everyone in this community loves his sassy remarks and think he is hilarious. Hopefully you can inform other new members faster than me so that they may avoid making the mistakes I made in reguards to joel. You have a nice day Sir.


Honestly, I dont think he’s funny at all. In my opinion he adds nothing to the discussions and really is just a Troll. If everyone else feels that he should be tolerated then so be it but that doesn’t mean that I will go out of my way to make him feel welcome. There are so many really helpful people here that I just dont understand the juvenile behavior he displays. Maybe he should keep is comments in the Pub and out of the serious discussions here.


LOL, yeah the culprit himself showed me LOL
Never knew you could do that. Guess I better pay more attention.


i own it for a few months… nice review b.t.w. :slight_smile: it’s a nice mod in overall
though as you said too… battery life isn’t so great unfortunately… :frowning: i get almost the same battery life with my double battery mods as this :frowning: it’s like 6hours vs 8 hours… probably i had bigger expectations from it :frowning:

the other thing that is want to ask you too… is it getting very warm to you? mine gets pretty warm at 70-90Watts unfortunately…

and about the battery discharging thing… i got it with 4 new married batteries… this is a mess… i see batteries getting discharged unevenly while there is always a battery that gets discharged even faster than others :frowning: when i also putting them in charger i see a difference of like 0.1 up to 0.3 volts between them…

it seems giving power very nice and smooth in overall… working very nice in overall but these things are like making me feel that isn’t a heavy duty mod…


I get phenomenal battery life out of mine, like I said I never change the batteries more than once per day on a heavy usage day. I don’t have any problems with it getting too warm, even when running it at 100+ watts. And I have no clue why you’re having trouble with uneven battery discharge, again mine has been working just fine. They do step down one battery bar at a time, first the top left will go down, then bottom left, top right, bottom right, and then back up to top left. When I go to charge them they’re usually all within .03 to maybe .05 volts of each other. I’ve never had a difference of anything near .1-.3 volts between them.


thank you very much for your info :slight_smile: yes, unfortunately it’s getting warm :frowning:
on first i thought this was happening because coils where near the mod, i switched my rta with ijoy RDTA that coils get a nice distance between the coils and the mod itself but same thing is happening while batteries seem to be in normal temperature (i mean they’re not warm in hand or whatever)

the battery that usually goes lower first is the top right one for me… then all the others together and keeps always a distance…same thing :frowning:

thank you very very much :slight_smile:


I resemble that remark…EH!!!
I do have a Wismec Noisy Cricket 2. It doesn’t have all the shiny pretty lights… But in parallel mode those 2 batteries in it last me a long time. I Needed a regulated mech because I set my office on :fire:…lol
I also love my Aspire Archon… It survived a porta potty incident… I can provide details… But they are kinda shitty💩


Very nice job!! Excellent review and highly entertaining! I definitely got a quite a few laughs from reading this! I have 2 batteries and I can’t even imagine what 4 would be like! Its like the double side of mods! I think that might be too big for me! I don’t think I can handle all of that…girth! Lol!! Seriously entertaining review!


Just take it nice and slow dear. :wink:


Glad you liked it!!

What he said. :wink:


dudette ! Kickass review !