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VapeyMama's Battery Operated Boyfriend, the Reuleaux RX300


Thank you!! :grin:


@VapeyMama, are you still using Bob? I’m new here and missed this thread when it was fresh. I’ve had 2 RX300’s for a long time. I enjoyed the quad cells very much for cell life, but it is a maddening little mod. It would, several times a day, wank out of TC mode and default to 20w in power mode. Wife’s did the same thing. They were much more stable after a conversion to Arctic Fox, but still slipped often enough that it’s basically in retirement now because that drove us mad. Wondering if you or anyone else noticed that behavior.


Yep I still use him daily! I don’t do a lot of TC, usually only if I want to really empty out my wicks when I want to use a new juice and don’t want to rewick. I just recently noticed it jumping out of TC to 20 Watts happen to mine too, but it only happens occasionally and isn’t too bothersome for me. I can see how that would be a huge PITA if you’re a regular TC user though!


Arctic Fox made it a completely new mod. That is amazing firmware.

Aside from the 20w drop deal, it is a solid performer and worthy of a recommendation. Agree with you about the 510 placement. My 30mm atty fit close enough not to bother me but a centered 510 would have been ideal. Nice review by the way.


I’ll have to try that update! Thanks for the comments man, appreciate it!


VM, is this still a good mod for you? I’m thinking of biting the bullet on this one.


Yes I still use it daily and its working great for me!


If you get any wismec or ijoy mod, don’t forget to flash it with arctic fox firmware. i have an rx2/3 and this firmware saved it from the bin, now i still use it daily a year later


@Cooter1, I can second that…ArcticFox actually improves the RX300 hugely IMO…bought it based on this review and use it daily with a 10ml tank (VCMT 30mm)…definitely do the firmware…


Someone mentioned downloading Arctic Fox. When I go to nfeteam.org, it gives 2 options. NFE tools and arctic fox. Which one is used to update the RX300?


It’s been a long time, but IIRC, NFE tools is the software you need to upload the articfox firmware to your mod, set up your profiles and other parameters.

From their website:

NFE Tools – a collection of tools to work with your battery mod, including tools for configuring ArcticFox firmware, device monitoring and firmware update software.

ArcticFox – firmware for battery mods from companies: Joyetech, Wismec and Eleaf, which will give your device a second life by extending their functionality to the level of DNA / YiHi devices.


Do you know if there is a video tutorial?


you can probably find another/better tutorial (this guy annoys the heck out of me), but it’ll tell you what to do.

It really isn’t that difficult.
Just download both, install NFE software and the rest points itself out.

If you have some experience with the escribe suite (DNA software), it’ll be very easy to use.


so, not to hijack, but anyone get the no atomizer fault with this beast of a mod? Saw a youtube video where due karate chops his mod Chuck Norris style and it seems to help…just wondering…saw some instances of having to revert firmwares on arctic fox to fix issues with RX300…turns out the “chop” fixed it for me…at least for now…


Yes a couple of times. But the biggest issue I always had with the 300 was it simply slipping out of TC and back to a default power setting at 20w. I have to unscrew/re-attach the atty a couple times a day. Arctic Fox helped with maybe 90% less often recurring, but it still wanks out once in a while. When it does with AF, rather than defaulting to 20w or tossing up the atomizer fault deal, it just goes to ‘select profile’. Still rather annoying. It’s not a daily driver mod and fell off my list of happy mods due to the wanky 510…


Love those eyebrows


And I hope Vapey Mama is enjoying this Memorial Weekend. We all miss you girl.


Where is she? Is everything ok?