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VapeyMama's Battery Operated Boyfriend, the Reuleaux RX300


Thank you!! :grin:


@VapeyMama, are you still using Bob? I’m new here and missed this thread when it was fresh. I’ve had 2 RX300’s for a long time. I enjoyed the quad cells very much for cell life, but it is a maddening little mod. It would, several times a day, wank out of TC mode and default to 20w in power mode. Wife’s did the same thing. They were much more stable after a conversion to Arctic Fox, but still slipped often enough that it’s basically in retirement now because that drove us mad. Wondering if you or anyone else noticed that behavior.


Yep I still use him daily! I don’t do a lot of TC, usually only if I want to really empty out my wicks when I want to use a new juice and don’t want to rewick. I just recently noticed it jumping out of TC to 20 Watts happen to mine too, but it only happens occasionally and isn’t too bothersome for me. I can see how that would be a huge PITA if you’re a regular TC user though!


Arctic Fox made it a completely new mod. That is amazing firmware.

Aside from the 20w drop deal, it is a solid performer and worthy of a recommendation. Agree with you about the 510 placement. My 30mm atty fit close enough not to bother me but a centered 510 would have been ideal. Nice review by the way.


I’ll have to try that update! Thanks for the comments man, appreciate it!


VM, is this still a good mod for you? I’m thinking of biting the bullet on this one.


Yes I still use it daily and its working great for me!


If you get any wismec or ijoy mod, don’t forget to flash it with arctic fox firmware. i have an rx2/3 and this firmware saved it from the bin, now i still use it daily a year later


@Cooter1, I can second that…ArcticFox actually improves the RX300 hugely IMO…bought it based on this review and use it daily with a 10ml tank (VCMT 30mm)…definitely do the firmware…