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Vaping and Upset Stomach


While I’ve experienced this as well when I vaped using nicotine. I’m not sure if it’s happened since backing off thou.

Yes all the hypothesizing on the vaping and tricking the body those all sort of make sense but mastication needs to take place for Amylase to secrete for digestion to take place in the mouth. But then again there are other secretions outside of Amylase.

Nicotine like what @Beaufort_Batches was discussing it relaxing stuff. Here’s a blurp from google

If you smoke or chew tobacco, stop. The nicotine from tobacco relaxes the valve between the esophagus and stomach (lower esophageal sphincter). This can allow stomach acid and juices, the chemicals that break down food in the stomach, to back up (reflux) into the esophagus, which causes heartburn.

So there’s another proposal the LES ( Lower esophageal sphincter ) becoming too relax allowing a flap so the acid can now travel up instead of headed in the opposite direction to digest your food.

Just curious if any non nicotine vapers are experiencing it ?





I get bad heartburn vaping tobaccos.


But do you use nicotine in your blends ? Since I’ve went nic free I don’t recall an episode.


I nearly always use nicotine (unless it’s simple SFT), but I don’t always get heartburn. I’m vaping on a butter cookie now and I can just keep on vaping it without any issues. Especially with some fruits, acid build up starts from the first puff. It’s really weird.
For months I was vaping fruits in everything so I didn’t really take notice, but the last couple weeks I’ve been trying more cookies or simple vanilla creams without fruits and immediately noticed a difference.


I had some problems after making my very first batch of DIY liquid about two weeks ago I think it was more the nicotine level and doing a shake a vape on it,even though its a single flavor candy cane mix it upset my stomach I made it at a 8mg strength which is only a small fraction up from 7.5 which is what I have been vaping by adding nicotine to my store bought stuff which was a 10% .
After a week of letting my DIY stuff sit empty stomach or full it has not given me any problems since,in fact I’m vaping it right now.
Kefir is good when made into a pineapple ice cream I also drink kombucha which almost instantly settles my stomach.


@Amy2, yes, I aways spike everything with 3mg, but the only flavors that seem to do me in are tobacco flavors. :disappointed_relieved:


That sux. Tobaccos for me are usually very smooth but then again I am not using any nicotine these days and I’ve most likely steeped it at least 1/2 a year lol not even kidding about that part :wink:


I vape 8mg nic I don’t get that


Now you got me thinking…I have another problem I’ve noticed. Whenever I do a knuckle test of more than one flavor I get the hiccups. Yep every time! Anyone else have this too?
As far as stomach aches:
It could be from swallowing air or/and it could also possibly be the PG causing the esophageal splinter to tighten, when it comes into contact with it. That can cause stomach aches, flatulence, and possibly the hiccups and a few more things.


Or nicups if your tester has nic in it - wayback when i thought nicotine mints were a good way to try and quit smoking I used to get them all the time. So bad they were the painful hiccups (nicotine induced hiccups are a thing)


Oh interesting i wasn’t aware of that…nicups! I don’t know if it’s always from that because when i tested a bunch of testers with no Nic it happened too. I will make sure and pay special attn tho. I may have tested some with nic before the testers.
I have to go check into that now ty…thats the nurse in me. I love medical stuff


Yep i found a Medical article on it already