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Vaping and Upset Stomach


Continuing the discussion from Throat irritation?:

Ive noticed that when I vape on an empty stomach especially, my gut gets cranky and it helps to drink kefir. Why this occurs I am not certain, but it does for me. I notice the same thing when chewing gum, blowing up an air mattress, and even starting a siphon.

For me I think its pretty much all non-feeding uses of my pie hole that cause this, but kefir has works so well for me its not been a concerning issue since I discovered it.

Thanks for the question @Suomynona! Maybe others know better what causes this, but kefir is my solution. I even have a cup of it at night and its greatly reduced my issues with acid reflux.

Anyone else experience this or have a solution?


This happens to me as well sometimes and I think it’s my poor eating schedule. I only eat when hungry and if I’m locked into doing something I may not eat at all. Bad habit, I know. Sometimes I get light headed as well. What I usually do is have a peanut butter sandwich and the problem is gone in a matter of minutes. I always have peanut butter handy and keep a bottle of it at the office. A couple of times I thought I was going to pass out and wouldn’t that be embarrassing? I’m glad you found something that helps you. I know how nauseating it can be.


Chewing gum causes you to swallow a lot of air which can upset your stomach. I’m not sure if it’s power of suggestion from reading this thread and applying that logic to vaping but I seem to swallow after every exhale.


Me too! But now I don’t know if it’s cos you raised it :rofl:


Me too, normally in the morning. I have always blamed it on to much nicotine on a empty stomach???.. but swallowing air is a interesting thought


before I vaped I tried to use gum to give up smoking…but seeing as I spent most of the time flying around the room like a deflating balloon I searched out an alternative…(parp)


Yup, sometimes. Always a good time to grab someone to eat.


I had to Google to verify I was thinking of the right word/usage. I’m going to guess this definition isn’t what you mean…

the sound of flatulence, or an instance of this

Edit* you did didn’t you?


I tried to get my ex mother in law to vape to get off cigarettes. She always got stomach discomfort from vaping. She said it wasn’t as bad with max VG juice. The larger question I always wondered is how much vapor goes into your gut? Does it matter how you inhale? Does it build up as a liquid in your throat or esophagus and drip down to your stomach?


totally did…:dash::dash:


This is something I’ve always wondered too. If you look at the inside of your drip tip after a day of vaping, you see how much liquid remains on it but then again, I often get a dry throat from vaping and I’d think that wouldn’t easily happen if that same residue would be left in your throat and mouth or even lungs. So does any significant amount of it really go down to your stomach? :thinking:

I really find it a weird phenomenon and would like to know why and how it happens for real, but I’ll be more than happy if I can just find a good remedy against it. I’ll definitely go and try that kefir solution, thanks for that tip @therabidweasel. I have to admit that I had to google it, I’m not even sure if I can get it here and how this will affect a lactose intolerant person (I can have yoghurt, cheese, pudding etc but no straight milk).


This is currently my way of dealing with it too… if there’s too much acid in your stomach, just let it do its work on food and it helps temporarily.


This may and is strange, but for me , I will eat a peanut butter sandwich and drink full a glass of water with 2 heeping spoons of local honey ( I buy it by the gallons) and fresh squeezed lemon and 2-4 taplespoons of apple cider vinegar . also good for many other things .


This is completely unscientific… but my thoughts.

I notice with some of my home made vapes I end up getting indigestion; most notably when they are very fruity in taste… real mouthwatering vapes…

What I think is happening is that the taste receptors and spit production get kicked into gear which then means lots of swallowing of spit which then kicks of the digestive system (as well as being due to taste, it’s an autonomic response) as if your body was preparing to digest the food that… well never arrives.

Obviously with the increased production of bile in the stomach (I’m probably forgetting my high school biology here, but you get the idea), and the increased swallowing of spit, with no actual food the body ends up producing to much acid/bile/magic digestive stuff – hence acid reflux and general indigestion.

I find that just a normal cup of coffee tends to resolve the problem, or a couple of biscuits with a nice cup of Yorkshire tea.

As I say, anecdotal and not scientific… but based on a very loose idea of autonomic biology from school, most of which I’ve forgotten. :slight_smile:


The only thing I notice is some minty vapes if I vape too much have a bit of a …how shall we say it… I guess there’s no nice way to say pro-biotic or laxative but it’s not severe or anything.


Should we call this:

E-juice jogs?
Mixer’s mud-butt?

Im just spitballing here…


All of the above!



Sorry @SmilingOgre but I really had to laugh reading this. :rofl:
Was it intentional or a freudian slip? It’s hard to tell with an Ogre.


Being in the medical field and having other vapors express their concerns over this very subject I did get some information about this sometime last year or so. Upon speaking to a gastroenterologist and reading the literature he pointed me to I found some answers as I too have had this problem on an empty stomach sometimes.

About all of the information led to the same result. Most stimulants will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid which may burden the stomach and cause abdominal distress, which makes you feel nausea and especially more so if it is empty. The stomach secretes the acid and there is nothing for it to work with. If your body is lacking water or you are dehydrated, it intensifies the effect.

I also have a theory as to what could possible be another trigger. Not only that nicotine being a stimulant but what is it that we are doing when vaping? We are vaping flavors and sweet tasting ones at that. What happens when we eat and taste sweet? Hormone response and digestive enzyme response right? We start digesting before we even swallow our food so it makes sense that vaping would start up a digestive response but guess what, no food is present to be digested. Now I would say that could be another piece of the puzzle but do not know to what extent or even if it does in fact cause an unwanted effect of nausea. I have not found a vaping study on this and this is strictly a theory and no claim of anything, just suspicion. Food for thought right?


No need to apologize. Congratulations you are the first to catch that! Gotta be careful vaping on an empty stomach ya know.