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Vaping Can Damage Your DNA


Looks like the fear du jour over vaping is damage to our DNA. I find these articles so fascinating. Most of them don’t even gloss over the damaging effects of smoking or even draw a comparison, but here there is that little blurb…

“It’s clear that more carcinogens arise from the combustion of tobacco in regular cigarettes than from the vapor of e-cigarettes,” says Silvia Balbo, Ph.D., the project’s lead investigator, who is at the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota. “However, we don’t really know the impact of inhaling the combination of compounds produced by this device. Just because the threats are different doesn’t mean that e-cigarettes are completely safe.”

Fair enough. But why is this worthy of a news article? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just do the research and then report the findings? Call it cynicism, but I really believe if there is actual scientific research, and that research doesn’t yield any results to indicate vaping poses any serious health risks, we won’t ever hear about it.

Scientists Scare Up Publicity With Prelimary DNA Study - Ends Up Admitting Lower Risk Of E-Cigs

" E-cigarettes can damage DNA" the title of the article. This is why they make it a news article. Most people will not read the study and then it becomes fact, to them anyway. Tactic used a lot of late but has been around for a long ,
long time.


We all know there can be two sides to a point of view:


Ya know what Vaping really damages? Big Tobacco Profit Margins… Hmmm ya know what a great Investigative Reporter could look into? Follow the money on these type “Research Reports”. How long before we hear some Lawmaker shouting from the Halls of Justice… “We need to stop e-cigarettes from damaging our kids DNA! …it’s True! I saw research on the Internet~!”


You’re forgetting Big Pharma.


A lot of people just read the headlines of articles anymore. There is so much “news” now that no one has time to read all the articles so they skim through the titles and then decide to read the stupid celeb gossip in the end.



And that’s what is so disgusting. Like Bodarc, I firmly believe the push against vaping is all tied to profits for the big corporations, and as you say, including Big Pharma. So they’ll offer up the lives of humanity as a sacrifice to earn a buck. With government complicity it really makes you wonder if there is any length people won’t go to maximize that bottom line.


Being a child of the 70’s, I’ve experimented with a bit of LSD amongst other things. It too was targeted as a cause for damaged DNA. But I’m still here and my two boys, who grew up to be quite stable I should add, still only have 1 head, normal fingers and toes and nothing even remotely resembling a mutation.
So I seriously doubt that some flavoring along with a bit of pg/vg/nic would have such an effect on human DNA.

On the other hand I’m no scientist so maybe we are just really fucked! :crazy_face:


There is no limit. None. The example of vaping is crystal clear and should resonate with the public. Here is a legitimate smoking cessation method that can greatly benefit public health, yet it is marginalized, attacked, and legislated to hell and back simply because it is a serious threat to the bottom lines of BP and BT.

How many times has the government chosen money over public health? Too many. Here we have all this grandstanding for decades about how bad smoking is. Law after law banning it from here or there, study after study exposing the real dangers and risks. Governments begging people not to smoke. Then along comes a real tool that helps their supposed cause, and monetary interests prevent it from being touted and trumpeted. Makes you want to start your own planet.

Not only are BT and BP involved, but don’t forget about the settlement against BT that the states are still getting paid on. They don’t want to lose that any more than BT and BP want to lose their customers.


Scientists Scare Up Publicity With Prelimary DNA Study - Ends Up Admitting Lower Risk Of E-Cigs


Nice post of opposing reaction to Vaping Can Damage Your DNA perhaps a merge?


I don’t know a single person who quit smoking with Chantix or patches or whatever. I do know plenty of people who quit through vaping.


The folks I know who have tried Chantix have not quit from it. They said it gave them lucid nightmares equal to an acid trip or made them feel suicidal and sluggish. I’d give someone a vape before I let them put on a dang chemical patch.


I, at least have some DNA. Without vaping, I would be 6 feet under!


This. Absolutely.