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Vaping event coming soon in North carolina


There will be a vaping expo in Raleigh, NC in November for anyone interested in going. Tickets are reasonable and 90% of ticket sales go towards advocacy. Here is a link that will take you to the details.

Vape Mail 2017!

Why is that in Dutch? I’m certainly not attending cause it’s too far away :wink:



I would like to make the event if I am in town.


I’m not sure why it’s in Dutch.


Bumping for the NC peeps and those close by.


IG page if you want to follow


Only an hour and a half away. I will definitely be checking this out. Still a noob, but very eager, and wish my learning curve would steep faster.


From what I’ve seen it will be heavily geared towards vape advocacy and new vapers. I saw one booth was giving away free starter kits. It will be worth checking out for sure.


I will be staying at my farm on Raleigh Road right outside of Raleigh for the event that weekend so I will be there.


I’m in. Going to try to bring a couple of smokers with me too.


I’ll have them quit by days end!


@Lolly are you coming?


It’s a bit too far away from little old England. Maybe next year :rofl:


What does an expo have? Will it be just a few vendors? Or will it have some really cool stuff? Looking for squonk anything lol


I am not sure about this one in Raleigh. It is geared towards introducing smokers to vaping in an effort to get them off cigarettes from what I have read online. I am pretty sure that would have something for all though. It is not far from where I live so I am going to try and go. The only other one that I have seen in North Carolina was in Charlotte.


I live in roanoke, Va. Always wanted to go to a vape expo but never hear of them. Road trip!


I agree. I have never been to one as well. I am curious to see what one is like.


Too far for me. But it would be nice to go to one.