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Vaping improves dental health?


Interesting read, you decide. From MBV.


Nice. I’d be interested to know what the difference is between a vaper and a non-vaper. Like most things vaping related, it’s better bound to be for you than smoking in every aspect. But what is the harm index when compared to completely abstaining? What role does nicotine play in dental hygiene? This is especially interesting to me because I’ve had my fair share of dental trouble. I wish I’d thought to get my dental records before I switched so I could compare.


Me too. I can personally vouch for vaping having a huge dental health improvement over smoking, but there really are no redeeming health qualities about smoking, are there? :grinning:


Only a choice on how fast you are likely to die vs how much you smoke.
Before vaping, dental visits every 6 mos with exam and cleaning.
After vaping, Rarely cleaning when indicated, now I only have to pay for an exam most visits. The money I save in not requiring dental work/cleaning more than pays for on going vaping.


Whenever I had problems with my gums and smoked, inhaling really did hurt my gums, with vaping not at all.


Just read up on how nicotine affects your blood flow.

Nicotine restricts blood vessels, this can lead to hardened gums which in turn can cause dental problems.