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Vaping in car..is it me..?



Do you have a link for the past thread please??


I have just been rubbing hard with a dry towel. But often. It is going to build up anyway and I can’t tolerate the chemical smells and fumes. If it gets real bad, I will use vinegar and mabe a touch of Dawn, like I use for just about everything else, cleaning wise. The smell leaves fast if it is done properly.


I have been trying so hard to be good and you leave this gem, and expect someone like me not to do this!


Yep, that is how it is done, in a circular motion, much harder, but on the windows…


Was also going to critique the dry towel part too, sounds a bit irritating…


The dry towel is very important! No car, or bedroom is complete without one! You gotta keep using new spots on the towel to mop up the mess without just spreading it around. Water will only make VG spread farther in my experience.
I prefer a rough towel myself. Those super soft towels are no good at actually drying anything off of anything. I leave those in the linen closet for everyone else to use. Spreading moisture around instead of absorbing it is not my thing. Aint nobody got time fo dat!


A fogged up windshield is the story of my life… well the last couple years anyway. It scares the shit out of passengers because they can’t see anything and assume I can’t either… which I can’t, so I guess they are right. Haven’t found a good solution before this thread, so I’ll try some and see how it works out.


Sorry for mentioning but I just couldn’t find it.


The reason it condenses on your glass is its a cool surface, same thing for fogging up the glass with your breath. PG and VG are 1) water soluble, 2) have a reasonable vapor pressure. Your lungs are warmer than that windshield and, to me, these chemicals “gumming up your lungs” is about as likely as drowning from inhaling steam.

I think the large quantities we inhale and the fact that we boil the PG to atomize are legit concerns to keep in mind, but in your case I’d worry more about stimulants like caffeine and nicotine affecting your health than PG and VG harming you. The OSHA permissible exposure limits for inhalation of aerosols of those chemicals is astronimacally high and well studied.

YMMV, consult your shaman, etc…and ugh, on the NYC fumes. Maybe recirculate and stay MTL in the car IS your answer.

Oh, I forgot…I preheat my windshield before vaping. That also seems to help.


I can’t be in the car with the windows up (it’s hell on any passengers) because it makes me nauseous, so I don’t have that problem. When I smoked the cigs, it would leave a sticky nasty film on everything that was very predominate on humid days. I don’t get that from the vapes.


We had some lame chandelier thing in the kitchen with a bunch of little crystals dangling about. When we started vaping (which we quickly adapted for indoors because, well, it’s not smoking), that dumb chandelier would get dull so quickly thanks to the vaping that we replaced it with a different one. Whatever; small price to get to enjoy vaping indoors all the time.


I wonder if something like Rain-X would work on interior glass? It works great on the exterior for rain.


I use nothing but Griot’s Garage products on all of our vehicles. Has a great glass cleaner tool, as well as glass cleaner as well…





They have a Fog-X but it just seems to hold the goo in suspension.


Got these for the house. Have two. They suck the vape out of the rooms fairly quickly.


Ya know, I’ve found just the opposite. Compared to cigarettes,my car windows stay so much cleaner. Always drive with my window cracked an inch or so. I’m kinda a clean car freak, so i clean the interior every week or two (including window glass). Just use a wet chamois…water only.


Nice technique on that knob polishing!


Lots of practice, hey I started young!


Ever since I had my windshield replaced, I have had major issues with residue. Heres a few tips I picked up.

If you use glass cleaner, try to use a very small amount, followed by good ol water. I read somewhere that the glass cleaner has the opposite effect if you spray the entire windshield. I bought a nice wand with 3 different grades of felt and found that water worked better than the cleaner did.

Another trick is to use newspaper, believe it or not. Just use the newspaper like a towel (on dry glass) and the paper will absorb all the residue, leaving the glass nice and clean :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I learned this after buying countless different cleaners and wipes. So I now keep a spray bottle of water, my wand, and some newspaper for when it gets really bad.

In the end, you’ll find that nothing really prevents foggy windows when you vape in the car. Hopefully our bodies expel all that residue when it collects in our lungs :thinking:

Merry Christmas everyone!


@toddgeer says a few posts above to never use Rain X inside your car. I dont know why, just thought id make you aware.