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Vaping in car..is it me..?


I noticed dish soap does a fine job on my glass mixing containers and bottles so I put a little in a spray bottle obviously with a lot of water. It’s a two step process but first the soapy solution then a water rinse does as well as anything I’ve found, better than many. Also when I first get into the car and the inside of the windshield is covered with condensed water as well as e-juice a quick wipe with an absorbent cotton cloth helps keep the build up down.


I never had this problem be4 … i must say its been a while since i washed my car also :sweat_smile:


As soon as it gets cold, my car windows get gunked up. Night driving is a dangerous proposition with the gunk on the windows distorting everything. At first I thought I was having a “flash back” then I was convinced my eyes had suddenly “gone-bad”.
I have attempted a numerous cleaners, wipes, and even de-greaser. My success came this year.
I clean the windows when the car (glass) is warm… I use a sponge with a little bit of dawn dish soap on it and get it damp with water… I scrub the windows, in rotating circles, to a foam. once a foam is present I use a small hand squeegee to remove the soap foam. I then buff with a Mico-cloth…
I have attempted this on windows in “direct sun light” It did’nt work so well. The heat dryed up the foam to quickly. I had to buff more with the micro-cloth.
I attempted it with cold windows, the foam froze under the squeegee.


“At first I thought I was having a “flash back” then I was convinced my eyes had suddenly “gone-bad”.”


It can give that distinct haze around lights and all.


Only thing that works for me is hot soapy water, everything else seems to smear it worse. I am ashamed to say I let it get so bad that the windshield looked white when the sun shone in, and last time I drove the 40+ miles home from visiting my mother it honestly was not safe for me to be on the road. Yep…that bad… lol!


Pretty much the same thing I do. I just take a spray bottle and fill it with hot water and add some Dawn dish soap to it. Spray it on the windows/windshield and let it sit for about 10 minutes then spray again with just hot water and wipe dry. Thinking the key is the Dawn soap which cuts through the “grease” film that the PG and VG leaves on the windows…


Well damn guess my wife was right but I’ll never tell her :joy: Her windshield is all fogged up and she told me the other day “Its probably cause your stupid vape junk”


Anyone ever have the outside of their windows get fogged up? I’ve noticed recently that its not just the inside that’s dirty, but the top 5 inches or so of the outside of the drivers side window too. Makes sense because I try to blow out the window, but it’s gotten worse lately. Probably the cold weather making it condense faster.


I think it says it on the bottle, but years ago, when Rain-X first came out, I tried it on the inside and it actually makes the inside fog up real bad. It wasn’t on the label then, is on the label now, so I must not have been the only one…


Brilliant have to get one! Ha! So it’s the PG & VG does that to the windshield I thought I was getting cataracts!


You still could have cataracts as old as you are. Just joking as usual. From a Marine to a Navy guy, nothing personal


True Bro true


Silliness aside. The Phillips go pure auto filter really works great but as stated before, they raised their price a ton compared to what it was when I bought it. The parts of the auto glass that’s the worst right now is the drivers side outside window about 5" from the top as @VapeyMama said.


Wash your truck man!


It’s too cold for water sports and I’m not washing the truck in 10* temps.


I know you just don’t want to wash the dirt that’s holding it together off. :wink:


truck is happy. The glass is happy cause I cleaned the goo off this week. The VG smears and doesn’t really clean off well. I think I’ll stop mixing and quit vaping. That should stop the issue


I will take everything off your hands if your quitting bro!


It will be too expensive


I heard give you wanted to give it to me. :rofl: