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Vaping in car..is it me..?


I’m gonna give you something you always liked since we were in prison together.



Thats quite a dance you got there @Cutlass92 :+1: :wink:


RUN @Molly_Mcghee , RUN!!


You like it? Any time you want one let me know!


I know your just trying to get her out of the way!




Its a 1st time for everything :+1::sweat_smile:


I tried this in my washroom. Haven’t tried in my vehicle yet.


I have heard this but haven’t tried it yet


toothpaste works too, when scuba diving I do this to my mask in the morning


I have over 200 dives and have not heard of toothpaste in the mask. We just used spit.


I have close to that as well lol spit works but so does toothpaste… a bit longer lasting too


New Skoda concept car has self cleaning windows apperently :rofl:
Took some pics of the car saloon that just passed @ Brussels.
Might be an option? :sweat_smile:


See if you can take it for a spin and vape it up. Then report back with how it did, ok?? :wink:


I did asked, but when he saw my mod he was like … :hushed::thinking::confused:


At least you tried. :joy:


Best of all, He was German !

… am still alive :wink:


Hey what are you trying to say about Germans!?


Ooh , but i love Germans, i just love the way they talk, wich is alot like my own language (Dutch & French) , he was just a bit loud is all :sweat_smile::zipper_mouth_face: