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Vapor.gearbest share good deals & giveaway

  1. What is your birthday?
    12 Nov 1967


One comment per round mate.


Oops Thanks


Nov 1979

10 char blah


I just love gadgets


Unfortunately i haven’t done that yet, Still something i have to do.


2nd of March 1976. So this would be the perfect late birthday present :grin:


anything from my children

congrats @Josephine_van_Rijn


October 1974


I’m surprised you know how to use the internet at your age :wink:


I have been taught by my great-grandchildren :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You missed out one great :grin:


That’s because the next great is ME! :tada:


That’s just what the kids tell you when they want something :wink:


Tsk. Now aren’t we brazen today, young man!

  1. What is your birthday?
    Nov 1962


When is the first time that you ordered from GearBest?

Jan. 2016


Scuse me, she’s still a young un :sunglasses:


I am just a baby. Almost. Well. Some would say. :grin:


Sep 15, 2015 15:54:43 PM
Is it greedy when I enter again? :blush:
I promise I won’t win anything this time.

Exactly :baby:, you can call me some.