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Absolutely not greedy - if you don’t win. If you do, I can help you with taking it off your hands so you won’t be viewed that way. :innocent: And congrats on your last win, baby!


She has the cheek to call me old and I’m 17 years younger than her :grin:


Hehey?! 17? :rolling_eyes:


Not at all. The more the merrier


Okay okay, 15


You know when men enter the panic age? Yeah, right about your age, dear. We can humour you and say you’re 15 years younger - just keep away from the mirrors. :+1:


I’ll panic when I start going either bald or grey, so I’m safe enough for now lol


Yup, as I was saying - stay away from the mirrors :kissing_heart:


Pfft, you weren’t saying that earlier :wink:


Ha ha ha, you win, you young handsome irish man! :raised_hands:


That’s the only part my sarcasm filter allowed me to see lol


‘Irish’ wasn’t meant to be sarcastic at all actually :grin:


what is your birthday?
Oct. 28, 1974


March 21, 1963
A few more years and I can be lecherous and get away with it :laughing:


My birthday feels like too long ago. It’s in May I’m sure.


July 1982

10 char rule


That’s what I thought too… Nope :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Every year on April 8th, when people wish me a happy birthday, I always tell tell them my birthday is still a year away.


Hello our 12th winner!, @Ajinkya !

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@Ajinkya winner winner chicken dinner

Well done enjoy