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VAPTIO giveaway, Win Solo 2, 30w/40w/50w pen like vape kit (Ended)


Hi ELRs,

The prize for this new giveaway is Vaptio Solo 2.

Its a pen like vape kit with switchable working output power 30w/40w/50w.

Pls comment with specification or feature of the Solo 2, or any thoughts, or tagging at least 3 of your friends to enter at a time.
You can enter as much as you like, pls just wait for someone else to enter before your second entry and number your entry #1,#2,#3

One winner will be chose randomly via random.org on 16th. Nov.


from what i just read, the specs are good but the battery for the size off it is good i know there are newer stuff out there for small size batterys but most people now a days are heavy to mid vapors . i know i am. i like how you guys made it to grip the hand. and for massive vapor? i would have to see it put out before i can say that. most massive vapor attys or rda’s use a lot of power to put out like that or you will have to do a long drag. i do like the button with the feature of being able to change the power and the LED will change to the right color for the right Watts.
@JoJo @Joel5 @SthrnMixer



This looks like the perfect gift for new vapers :+1:


#1 It has inherited the design of the Original Solo.
Now for your pleasure the Solo2 has a massive
You know, It’s like every other Vape pen.
But would you just look at the size of the Solo2
battery :eyes:


#1 looks like a great starter kit to give away. Get a smoker to try it … Maybe convince them to stop smoking. If you send it my way, I’ll find a smoker to pass it to



@Lolly @Molly_Mcghee @Jenny1978


i think you still got to like comment or thoughts about it.


I did up top. I thought it was a great gift to a new vaper :slightly_smiling_face:


#1 Great start up kit for beginners


#2 welling to try something new from the starter kit
@JMak642 @Nappen @zerohimself


#2 3000mAh battery


Always a selling point is looks/appearance… I know how it vapes is probably more important. Definitely more important in my book. But looks does matter too. And these solo2s look good, wide variety of colors. The all black does look the best to me!



@Laura5 @tbt127 @Leilani @Ajinkya @DaveDave @Laberythm


It looks like a great starter kit or for backup.


#1 The high capacity battery in this model is just great.


#1: I like the short circuit and low voltage protection safety features.
@SessionDrummer @Jenny1978 @Amy2



You can switch between 30, 40, and 50W

@Daven @louiesquared @cooper1 @Cutlass92 @Dan_the_Man @Jazzy_girl


i like the 3000 mah battery

@Filippo2 @Craiggold1 @mirco3



Anybody interested in a contest?


Nice on the go style. Good back up. Good for a gift!