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Vaptio - Newest Devices, Discount Update - vaptio.com


Come Join Our Cocktail Party and Bring Your Friends!!!
We have kinds of gift will be present to V Fans!!!

Germany Party:
Address: Lindemannstrabe 78, 44137 Dortmund
Time: 22 Sept 2018 (19:30-22:30)

France Party:
Address: Paris
Time: 7 Oct 2018 (19:30-22:30)

UK Party:
Address: Birmingham
Time: 27 Oct 2018 (19:30-22:30)

Welcome to the party and win the $50/$100/$200 Cash Coupon

You can go to our site to Join!!!

We’re Wating for you!!!


Have fun in Vaptio Anniversary Carnival!

Are you seeking Free vapes? Are you a fan of lucky wheel? Come and play Lucky

Prize Wheel of Vaptio Anniversary Carnival!

All your need to do is signing in and spin the wheel!

You can win prizes as follows:
1st Prize: Wall Crawler Frogman Kit
2nd Prize: $50 Cash Coupon
3rd Prize: A Cap and a T-shirt

Visit Vaptio.com and play!


Good one. Lands on the first prize and gives out a system error.

Guess you didn’t think this one through …

At least you have my e-mail address now so I can get more spam.

Update: on second visit I apparently won the second prize. Interesting scam you got there :smiley:


Nothing in my mailbox …


After a short chat with their online support I did get my $50 code, but it sure does come with strings attached. In order to apply it you have to purchase more than $80, and the shipping of course is not included in there. So in the end, I have to pay at least $40 to ‘enjoy’ their $50 coupon.

Thanks but no.

If anyone wants the code, PM me. I won’t be using it


Hi Sir,

We are so Sorry about this, we have three days holiday and the site may have a small technical problem.
we already ask them fixed up.

For the $50 coupon, even though order must over $80, But you only need oay $30 to get value $80 vape.
It’s also very good prize.

In order to make you happy, we will add one more Hat as Gift for you when you use $50 Coupon to place the order. Is that ok?

Vaptio Team


Thanks but I guess you are missing the point. I don’t want to spend $30 in order to use the code and get $80 worth of gear. I want to spend $0 and get an item worth $45 and use the $50 code.