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Vaptio Super Bat review from IndoorSmokers


Vaptio Easter Sale is in full swing!

How many of you own the N1 Pro or P1 TF Kit?

Save Today!: Vaptio.com/Contest


At this price $6.99, how can you resist?

This is the perfect give for a friend or family member who wants to give up smoking.

How long have you given up smoking for vaping?

Here is a chance for you to get a free gift.


Free Shipping on Superbat

How many of you would dig a Super Heroes mod?

Following up with the Wall Crawler, Vaptio now presents the Super Bat.

How many of you wanna try this sexy kit out?

View Vaptio.com/Contest


Do you wanna win 90% Off?

Everyone wins in Vaptio’s Lucky Roulette.

What are you waiting for?

Spin & Win Today! Vaptio.com/Contest


This needs to be stated… It’s a lottery drawing.
Not a guaranteed percentage off coupon. :triumph: :cry:


Yeah its Lucky Roulette chance for 90% off, it said so. :smile:


Vaptio’s April Sale extended for 2 more days only!

  • Enjoy Free Super Bat Shipping
  • Up to 90% Off Roulette Wheel
  • 20% Off Discount Code: “Easter20”

Only at: vaptio.com/contest


Just a misunderstanding…
To me, it read as a “spin the wheel to get varying discounts, up to 90% off.” :wink:


Vaptio would like to cordially invite vape business partners, traders and vapers to our booth at this year’s IECIE. This event is held annually and will be held at the Shenzhen Exhibition Center April 14-16, 2018.

We will have many new releases like our SuperBat kit, C-Flat Executive and Solo Flat kit. We may even have a few surprises & giveaways in store!

Make sure to drop by and visit our friendly team at booth number: 7C68!


Do you find the Wall Crawler in Vape shop nearby?

It already presents in many shops worldwide.


Solo flat is an ultra-slim and ultra-powerful pod system kit,

with built in 650mah and 15w output power.

Check the review from IndoorSmokers to find more details of it.


When it comes to vaping safety most people’s immediate thoughts turn to batteries and equipment. However there is a much more common threat to the health and well being of vape users and that’s vaping hygiene.

The subject of vaping hygiene is something that we’ve all thought about . Have you ever worried about cleanliness and hygiene when you put your vape kit on the table?

If you haven’t, maybe its something you need to consider. Lurking on the top of most surfaces are nasty bacteria and germs that can easily be transferred, through direct contact, to your vapes drip tip thereby increasing the potential risk of mouth infections.

In the past many counter measures have been developed to improve vape drip tip hygiene including silicone caps, drip tip condoms and carry bags, but today they just became obsolete.



Do you use Snapchat?

Good news now we Vaptio are present on Snapchat.

Kindly to scan the code below to connect with us.




A great and attractive design for Wall Crawler,

Just a little later to be born for your guys who love it.

See more features of it on Vaptio


Smart airflow control chips in Solo Flat POD kit

It comes with smart airflow control chip,

Which brings better instant inhale experience.

It supports quick charging, being full charged for 650mah within 2 hours.