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Very 1st WIP


Any critiques on my recipe with CAP golden pineapple? I was dreaming of a pineapple upside down cake. I thought it would be a delicious vape! Any suggestions?
Pineapple smooch
5.0%Golden pineapple (cap)
6% vanilla cupcake (cap)
2% vanilla swirl (TFA)
1% sweet cream (cap)
2% nonna cake (fa)
Finger taste test is pretty good!


Brown sugar and butter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I use brown sugar & butter. Also, caramel & a little maraschino cherry in mine. I haven’t tried it with cupcake, as I use yellow cake.


0.75% Brown Sugar (TPA)
1% Butter (FA)
2.5% Cake (Yellow) (FW)
2% Caramel (TPA)
2.75% Maraschino Cherry (FW)
1.5% Pineapple (FA)
1% Smooth (TPA)

Flavor total: 11.5%

Let us know how yours vapes. I’m always looking for improvements.


I added 2% nonna cake (fa) and upped the golden pineapple (cap) to 6%. Tastes pretty good. I used my Siren 25 to test it. I’m gonna let it steep for a week and check again. It has a real nice cake inhale and smooth pineapple exhale. I think I need another pineapple for a boost. Any suggestions?
I’d like to try yours! It looks great! I bet the cherry really rounds it out.


I sometimes like to layer my fruits, so maybe take the CAP Golden Pineapple down to 3% or 3.5% & try adding some TFA Pineapple at 1.5%-2%. If you’re using FA’s Pineapple in addition to your CAP, I’d say add 1%-1.5% of it.

My mother always included cherries on top of her recipe, so it just seemed natural.

Let us know when you think you’ve got it, because I love me some variety & trying others’ recipes. :smiley:


Ok I evolved my recipe to almost done!
Pineapple Smooch
(FLV) Frosting 3%
(LB) Vanilla Ice Cream 2%
(CAP) Golden Pineapple 5%
(FA) Nonna Cake 2%
(TFA) Vanilla Swirl 1%
(TFA) Vanilla Cupcake 4%
(RF) Cinnamon roll sc 1%
(FA) Madagascar 1%
I’m just waiting for my other pineapple to arrive and I’m going to take your advise and lower the percent and add the other pineapple. I decided to go with the real flavor pineapple. So far its tasting pretty awesome :blush: