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Very excited to share my very first recipe


Haha, no. Lots of rural Midwest.


I got all my flavors from wizard labs. I ordered mostly sample sizes to see what i liked and didn’t…i now have absynth flavor and zero inclination to vape it…i do like to drink it though :wink:


Shout out to the midwest! im from nodak. Now reside in Minnesota!


:raising_hand_woman:‍♀️ PA, OH, IA, MI, then a decade in CA …now NV.


Get it girl!
Sorry for the derail on the thread folks. :eyes::v:


Congratulations on your 1st I wish I had kept a record of my development


1 week and still loving it for ADV :+1: Hubby likes it too. My 2nd recipe was a flop but fixable imo. Moving on… Trial 2 on 2nd recipe, and have a 3rd ill Mix up tonight.

Strawberry cream soda lemonade. Help me name it :grin:

Strawberry Lemonoda
Cream Strawmenade Soda
Straw Lemonoda


Lemawnoda? :rofl:


Strawcrade :rofl:


Cream Lem on Straw


Pop That Creamy Berry …? :grin:


Cremlem Stroda :wink: good suggestions!


Fragaria ananassa Citrus limonade

you may need bigger labels :laughing:


Here’s an absinthe recipe, if ur interested… After a week steep it tastes a lot like blackjack licorice candy… Absinthe 8%, french vanilla deluxe 1.5%, peppermint 1%, super sweet 1%