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Very excited to share my very first recipe


It’s a very tasty and easy recipe. Not too tangy, just sweet enough. Feel free to try it out.

I’m just a flavor and DIY enthusiast, not a seller.


Going to have too give it a try. Love the label art!
Sounds like my kind of vape. Tangy!


Thanks! I was ridiculously pleased with it, and surprised since i was sure id make a bunch of gross ones before hitting a good one. I’m a design nerd so i immediately opened Photoshop and made some labels. :grin::nerd_face:


Thats a pretty awesome label! I have dollar store tags and a super cool pen for mine :joy:


You too lol :joy:


Make it fun! It’s a great hobby!


Yes it is a fun hobby! Also welcome to elr! The best site on the net. :call_me_hand:


Lol I’m in that club too!


Trust me, plenty of my stuff is MacGyver’d… duct tape, sharpie, off-brand wackadoo. I just so happen to do Pinterest-type bday parties :joy::roll_eyes: so naturally i own a sticker maker… which begged me to make a label for my new juice. Hoping to be able to trade some for other diy-er underground projects :wink: Flavors for Favors :grin::grin:


Liking that label! Unfortunately I don’t have two of those flavorings :frowning_face:


Awesome labeling, is it paper or an actual sticky label? I’m trying to do something similar.


It’s the sticker maker from joanne fabric. It puts adhesive on the back of any paper thin flat item. This one is about 4" width max but as long as you want within reason. To make it liquid proof i just put clear packing tape over the top. I ordered weatherproof printable vinyl adhesive sheets for my laser printer for future use.


Try grape and sweet tart (or a sweet and sour) if thats what you’re missing. Or get a sample flavor 8ml bottle from wizard labs. Super cheap for the samples


If you have clear bottles use the clear packing tape diy label method. Laser print a design. Cut it to shape. Cover with clear packing tape in the desired shape. Soak in water, then rub the paper off gently after 10 minutes. Apply tape to bottle. Voila! Handmade cheap but cool label.


you’ll want to stick to simple designs at first


I guess I’m heading to joanns tomorrow. Thanks for explaining it all.


Congrats on your first mix!
It sounds right up my street!
Now all I have to do is source the concentrates!


What!!! I need this in my life!


Oh boy howdy, yeah, you do. Game changer. But i did just order adhesive printable vinyl that’s weather proof. I image it’ll be more effective than a paper sticker


This is hilarious…are you from down south? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: