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Very specific cream used in almost all premium liquids


I thought it was deer blood, like in Jägermeister. :joy:


My money is on vanilla swirl.


circling back on this with some update - finally had a chance to test CAP Butter Cream. it’s still early but i added 1% to 2 mixes with really strong/spicy fruit flavors and it immediately tamed them down. in the 2nd mix, i added 0.5% CAP BC and 1% Caramel - there’s more body, slight sweetness and “smoothness”.

i’m beginning to think that “secret specific” cream is a hint CAP BC plus a hint of one or more other flavors, like CAP VBIC (which i’m becoming a fan of) and Caramel or Super Sweet. i’m planning to use CAP BC as a smoother in many mixes to come.


which Vendor Caramel? Glad to see this bumped…


I definitely think this or something like it. A lot of retail juices use some form of (usually sucralose based) sweetener. My theory is that it helps new vapers who can’t taste as well yet really get something from the juice. Usually the need for extra sweet juice dies wanes when people start mixing their own and their ‘palate’ becomes more refined. For the most part, I don’t use any sweetener besides what is already in flavors and VG, but I know a lot of people do. Personal preferences and all, but its usually one of the first things I suggest when people say they “can’t taste anything” in the juice they make or when they’re struggling with a clone. May or may not apply here, but if there’s one common “secret ingredient” I’ve seen in all the publicly released recipes it’s been sweetener.


like literally 1-4 drops of FA vape wizard MTS (mellow, thick, smooth) 4% cap custard v1, 4% any sweet cream + 1% FA fresh cream helps to give a thick realistic cream flavor. I’ve thought about experimenting with Catalina cream as I’ve read many popular DIYers used this.


FLV Caramel.


A other thing I noticed with pancake man, is that they aren’t using a separate strawberry and a separate cream… I tried RF strawberries & cream, and this was pretty much spot on. So could it be that vendors are using combination like that perhaps?


@Ghettotrout I agree with TFA smooth @ low % and I’ve also had good luck coupling that with TFA vanilla swirl :+1:t2: Have yet to try filtering the resulting mix through the lace undergarments of a hybrid she-unicorn/mermaid with wings of an angel and the curves of a trophy wife…this could be the game changer we’ve tirelessly quested for​:kissing::dash:


Is the Caramel and Super Sweet also by Capella? I’d like to try their Butter Cream for the reasons you stated in your comments on using it to clone Pancake Man.


Super Sweet yes, but i haven’t tried Cap Caramel - i use Caramel from FLV or FA.


Wow if you have over a 1,000 flavor concentrates in your arsenal and still haven’t found the right cream flavor, I don’t know if you’ll have any luck with this, although I certainly hope you do. I have been mixing my version of Cuttwood’s Unicorn Milk and I’m satisfied with it. I just use TFA Bavarian cream as the base for the cream in my recipe. I don’t have a very good nose for flavors like most other people do. I blame it on my age, at 55 years old I am not going to complain about not being able to smell the nuances of a certain cream flavored e-liquid. I wish you all the best in your pursuit of the best cream flavor concentrate! :+1: :no_smoking::dash::sunglasses:


Regards to create a recipe for an e-liquid that simulates something you enjoy, for me it was Irish Cream. The recipe for the real Irish cream seemed to be one that could, fairly easily be converted into an e-liquid recipe. I found this recipe for Irish cream: 1 Cup heavy cream, 14 oz (1 can) sweetened condensed milk, 1⅔ Cup Irish whiskey, 1 teaspoon instant coffee granules, 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon almond extract. Next, I needed to evaluate what I’d need to recreate this taste in an e-liquid. I thought I had all of the flavorings I would need for this, my first attempt was this recipe, which, if anyone else who likes Irish cream and thinks of a better way of making it taste closer to the real thing, please don’t hesitate to give your ideas. My first attempt at reverse engineering the recipe which I loved so much were the following flavors: Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) 1.50%, Sweet Cream (CAP) 4.00%, Sweetener (TPA) 2.00%, Coffee Creme (NN) 1.25%, Double Chocolate (TPA) 0.75%, Vanilla Swirl (TPA) 3.00%, Almond (FA) 0.75%. I mixed these flavors and added VG for a Max VG e-liquid recipe. I think it’s very good, but it’s missing something, I think the Double Chocolate could be reduced to 0.50%, as far as the flavor used for the heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk, I thought the combination of the Sweet Cream and Vanilla Swirl worked, but their are so many possible variations, I thought of using Ethyl Vanillin and Capella’s Vanilla Custard V1 at 1.5% and 2.0% respectively. I’m very motivated to get this right, thanks in advance for any help :interrobang:️:wink::dash:


I tried something similar.
I used FA whisky with a drop of FA brandy to give it the kick for the creams I used FA Vienna Cream, FA Cream Fresh and TPA Dulce de Leche.


do you use the VC higher than the fresh ??? what is you combo of the three ??? i think those three would be a great base , but at what percents ? i like to use

LB VIC @ 3pct
FA fresh cream @ .75pct
Fa vienna cream @ 1.5pct
MF vanilla at .5

just for a standard ice cream vape, or ill add a fruit or two every now and then and FA MM if i want it sweeter


Yes I keep the VC higher, simply because the whisky can overpower.
Looking at my notes the mix was
Vienna Cream 5%
Cream Fresh 1.5%
Dulce de Leche 1.2%
This turned out very smooth if I recall and the Dulce added a very smooth creaminess that was rich on the tongue, which is what I was after.
Never ventured into the coffee side as I’m not a lover of anything coffee!
What could work is FW Hazelnut Cream, I can see that adding a lovely dimension to it?


very interesting i never thought to use the VC at that high of a percent , but we never know u til we try right :wink:


I like to push the flavours when I can. Sometimes it works as in this case but as I said it needed to cut through the whisky/ brandy combo.
Sometimes I think we get comfortable with % of flavours and are a bit apprehensive in dialling it up.


that is the truth


Fortune favours the brave