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VGod Fallout, Vaping360


Sad but true @Grubby


It’s been like that for a looong time and will always be the case… and I wouldn’t call it sad (unless you’re VG## right now)

It’s good that people come up for one another and I wouldn’t like to see things changed. The rich and powerful always get more and us bottom feeders always get less. It’s good if we can set the record straight every so often, however way that happens.



Fuck. Them.
Why does everyone need to be so politically correct.
They are trash.


See, there you have it. VGOD already attacked a youtube channel for e-liquids.
I do not believe they didn’t intend to attack ELR. All that followed was just damage limitation and YBP is sucking it up for the purpose of “protecting the brand”, the thing they stand for.


the bald dude is a douche hes a complete ass , sorry i got stuck watching this and he bugs the shit out of me


You are 100% correct…the bald guy is a douche nozzle! I couldn’t get through 5 minutes of that.


ya hes reading questions and making fun of everyone , what happened to no question is stupid …


I like your thought process brother. Molon Labe!!


Good press for DIY is the best :slight_smile:

It might have had an impact, but it was a very small one…

It might be because we’re used to government and big tobacco attacking vaping in general…

Totally agree there. Let’s awkwardly look the other way and pretend that didn’t happen (but still keep it in the back of our heads for future reference) :smiley:

Agreed. But providing good arguments and documentation will help :slight_smile:


Don’t think , I’ll be watching his stuff anymore…

Wasn’t really impressed… after watching his video I’ve nicknamed him
Vgod jr… only cares about his product line he’s selling… wouldn’t classify him as a DIY website.

When asked about Apple pie flavorings his response was they suck. Don’t buy them… ironically I mixed this up @7 % last night . Me and 3 friends did enjoy the shake n vape taste test.

Okay, taste is subjective and he may honestly think they suck… but didn’t offer an alternative flavor to buy…

He’s from my understanding a DIY site… I found it hilarious that he threatened to ban anyone posting discount codes for @Nicotine_River , and saying they need to pay him if they want to advertise on his site…

Overall the impression I got from his video - level 3 douche bag

Makes me glad ELR is here encouraging new vapers and encouraging new members joining the DIY world… keep up the good work ELR community… and good job Lars on giving the community a home.


To be fair, he did say apple pie flavors are not his thing. You can’t really blame him for not knowing every single flavor of every single brand. The OP asked specifically about CAP and TPA and he just said that he heard these weren’t really good flavors.
If you want an apple pie vape, just look for a recipe, there are hundreds you can make from known good flavors, you just have to mix a few ingredients together.
I find it a little harsh calling him a douche bag for this little thing.

Every community has rules and he’s upfront and transparent with his rules. If you don’t agree, then don’t be a part of it. Doesn’t make him a douche bag and neither the fact that he tries to make a little money from the work he puts in for the DIY community. Nobody ever claimed that DIY has to be free or cheap.

Now that’s a little harsh… you don’t have to like the guy but you have to acknowledge all the work he’s put in. Just have a look at all the videos he’s put up. I know that a lot of his work helped me a great deal when I started with DIY.


thats it right there well said


I have to say Wayne was there at the beginning of my DIY journey, so props for that …but I also didn’t find that particular video very entertaining (and switched it off quickly), and I get close to 100% of my “entertainment” from YT …but then again if a hot chick was on there …let’s say Zophie Vapes …I might be swayed. That sausage party had all the appeal of a bowl of store brand corn flakes …Wayne? get a hot chick, just sayin’ :smirk: …cute, smart, funny vapin Lady that mixes (looks around ELR) :kissing_heart:





:gasp: is missing lol


This thread is already derailed.

Who watches tv anymore?


Does watching old tv series on your iPhone count?


Ok let us get back on topic as the thread has meandered away from it.


No. Doesn’t count as Tv. :wink: