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VGod Fallout, Vaping360


Well @daath , all this reminded me I haven’t take adds of my profile yet. A step I just took steps to rectify… would have done more but bills. But will do more in future when I can…

Edit: @Cutlass92 , did remind me about it a few weeks back, just didn’t have money then… there you go cutlass I tagged ya


Speaking of vgod, they did a hand check post today…

So I politely post did a pic of my mods…

Wonder if they can recommend one of their mods that stand the abuse my Reuleaux RX200 has…


But Bro, not too many skinny girls in tight leather go up on roofs :wink: …nails get chipped. Maybe that mod passed QC because it “Shields” her manicure. Perhaps a clue to what the “V” stands for?


Looks like their ratings didn’t rise quick enough and they hid reviews again. Last I check they were holding strong @ 2.5


Looks like I’m late to the party as always… But I’ll still say what I want to. There’s a reason Coca-Cola has kept its formula secretive since the 1800’s, only moving it once in a century in 2011. That’s because RECIPES CAN’T BE COPYWRITED…

Now what exactly did they expect to do about cloners?


It isnt about the actual recipes itself which might not even be close to the originals. It is about the use of their trademark “VGOD”. Trademarks is however a grey area, and sine there is no product for sale here, i dont see how people might confuse a cloned recipe with their actual product.

However, as it seem it has all just been a BIG “mistake”, at least that is what is claimed.


See when I saw the article just now, I thought it was nonsense that’s why the apology why issued…


Other companies have used their weight and nonsense reasoning into bullying people out of their business…
This one backfired badly and from their reaction (everything about it) it is still not clear to me whether this was a genuine mistake or something that didn’t quite go as planned.

The speed (or lack thereof) of their reaction, the lack of true apologetic words in their response and the rumours that some youtube channels have already been bullied by VG## over juices makes this all seem like damage limitation and not restoring trust.
They probably have a long way to go before their reputation is back where it was before all this.


So do you think this was along the lines of “testing the waters”? Some may get pushed… Some may fold… Some may edit their statements as to not say “VGOD” ‘for example’…

I’ve been involved in the business side of the Vaping industry since 2012, owning some kind of B&M, online juice company (retail or bulk sales), or both. And the one thing that has never changed is that it’s not about brands, labels, and logos. It’s about those companies that hate anyone buying a product that isn’t theirs or making it themselves.


All I’m saying is their rebuttal hasn’t convinced me, so the doubt is still there.


Oh I see what you mean.


I feel like they initially intend to send the c&d. But after seeing the reaction the community had.

They decided to change course and salvage what rep they have.