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VOOPOO - Spark Your Life- Product Preview


Here’s and idea…how about spend a lot less and change your name from something that sounds like feces???


I thought voopoo merged/purchased woody vapes to get the rights to the gene chip? Too my understanding voopoo did not create the chip…sounds like a lot of poo.


Are you expecting the upcoming X217? Excited to introduce one of the features of it now:
Super power output 217W!

Guess what modes are available to use?


Soft standard and hard and super…power, temp, and variable voltage


Sounds like voopoo


Voopoo is just a poopoo!


VOOPOO X217 Is comming!

Here comes the second feature of X217: No built-in dual 21700 Batteries of 7500mAh, giving you a long-lasting and enduring vaping experience.

And. What makes X217 appearance impressive is the interactive & colorful breathing LED light!
When you vape, the breathing LED light starts to flicker!
Guess what makes the Light flicker?


Who makes the batteries?


Are they Poofire 21700s?


VOOPOO X217 is calling you!

[Game Time with Prize] :gift::gift:
Let’s play jigsaw puzzle! How long will you spend to restore the original picture?

:gift:Prize: All guys who finish the pic will WIN 50% off coupon at VOOPOO official store!

Enter: https://buff.ly/2Bcszmj
Don’t forget to post the screenshot to prove the time you spend for it when you finish it.⠀
End on Dec.14th


Hi, I’m Gene, Key member of VOOPOO. I have two family members: Gene.Fan & Gene.Fit.⠀

I was born to be extraordinary. I created 0.025s fastest fire speed, since last upgrade, I’m able to block dust, liquid and fire with the V0 class fireproofing bridge. I keep self-improving, now I’m a faster, safer and more stable guy.⠀

VOOPOO X217 will be my next master, Stay tuned!⠀
Believe we’ll provide perfect vaping experience to you!


That’s some creepy role play type shit…gene, show us on the doll where the big bad ‘poo touched you…


Hi Gene, why not tell the actual truth: you are a generic chipset made by the lowest bidder, with a piece of custom firmware that is getting worse over time?


“I keep self improving”??? Slightly creepy.


Finally, we have a picture of the whole X217!

Upgraded from the craftsmanship of WoodyVapes and Gene Chip of VOOPOO, X217 embodies the following features:

1.Super power output: 217W
2.The flickering & colorful breathing LED light!
3.No built-in dual 21700 Batteries

With X217, a much more long-lasting and durable vaping experience with 21700 battery is possible!
Any thoughts?


Sure. No led and less plastic. Personally I am looking for classy looking mods without the flash. Save the 25 cents spent on led and improve the materials.


Adopting V0 class fireproofing bridge, the updated Gene chip is Fireproof, Dustproof, Liquidproof.

What’s more, it provides Eight security protections, ensuring the safety when you vaping.

Faster, safer, more stable Gene chip, aiming to provide the best vaping experience for you!
What do you think of Gene chip?



【Big Sale News】⠀

To celebrate VOOPOO acquiring NEW Domain Name VOOPOO.COM,⠀
We’ll host a big sale for you guys (Retail Only)!⠀
Every product in VOOPOO official store will be 50% off (Except Accessories) from Dec. 18th - 21th EST, Go to www.voopoo.com/shop to get your vape devices! ⠀


It’s a hard pass for me. Kinda like constipation. NO POO!


WOW 50% OFF POO! I would take you up on the offer but people pay me to make sure they can get rid of poo.