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VOOPOO - Spark Your Life- Product Preview


Apparently leak proof? What does that mean? Make me wonder if you even vape…do you even know how to vape?


"rimfire! after a bad meal


We’re done for.


Now that the Rimfire is being released, when is the 28mm ChiliRing RDA coming out?


The frito will be coming out. Then the cheese then the chili. So you can have a party. But hey they don’t appelrently leak but may cause some back door drippage. :monkey::poop:


When I see the word rimfire this is what comes to mind, are they trying to tell us something?


I am not sure it is propriate to say what comes to my mind, but lets just say it involve a very spicy meal and then some intimate time afterwards :wink:


It’s a burning burning burning rim of fire!


VOOPOO History News

Do you guys ever hear that VOOPOO has acquired the U.S. brand WOODYVAPES?

Yes, VOOPOO has spent $20 million on acquiring this brand in 2017.

Since then, VOOPOO has been devoted to producing best products with an aim to renew the whole e-cigarette industry. With its product line covering from entry-level to enthusiast- level, the brand demonstrates its relentless pursuit of technology and continuously excelling technique in every detail.

Guess what will happen next? Let’s see!


I can guess. Voopoo with change their company name to weepee?


That just sounds like someone stuck it in the wrong hole.


I was gonna say they will take the woody vape name and slap it on their poo-pile products lol


Looks like march '17 when their FB pic posts of gorgeous mods went to hell. https://www.facebook.com/VOOPOOTECHCOM/posts/big-news-a-huge-bet-of-the-e-cigarette-industrybig-news-big-news-it-is-known-to-/751236438358818/
Still beautiful looking mods but w/ gene chips https://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/74orju/gene_board_usb_charge_test_on_the_woody_vapes/
you have to count many of us out of providing dollars to a company that markets products appealing to children.


Woodyvapes ?? Are you serious ? What’s up with all the sexual innuendos in your product line ? Its hard to take you seriously with these types of names, perhaps you should sell sex toys instead.


#WoodyVapes Story

What do you think when we talk about WoodyVapes? Do you enjoy his craftsmanship and appearance? Yes, with the deep technical background and professional R&D team, WoodyVapes has gained a very good reputation in the market with well-crafted vape products.

What will be next? Stay tuned. :eyes:


All I can think of is poo. That’s what everyone should think when they see anything poopoo related


I think VooPoo will turn Woody to Whimpey.


VOOPOO Adopts VOOPOO.COM As New Domain Name

To keep the consistency of brand name & domain name, and to optimize user experience, VOOPOO spent $305,000 purchasing the new domain name VOOPOO.COM, The new domain will be updated on December 18th, 2018. VOOPOO’s previous domain name, voopootech.com is still available.

With increasingly growing of e-cigarette industry, VOOPOO deeply realized that only by strengthening good customer service consciousness and improving user experience can we provide better service and make constant progress. With the update of domain name, VOOPOO looks forward to providing excellent service to start a new journey.

VOOPOO was established in 2014. After the acquisition of the U.S. brand WOODYVAPES in 2017, the company officially entered the e-cigarette industry. With strategic cooperation with“Gene” chip tech, VOOPOO develops rapidly with good sales performance all over the world. VOOPOO has not only reached international advanced level in tech areas, but also been widely accepted and grown increasingly popular, which leads VOOPOO to be one of the leadership company in e-cigarette industry.

VOOPOO, as a high-quality e-cigarette manufacturer, aims to serve the tens of millions of vapers across the globe. With its product lines covering from entry-level to enthusiast- level, VOOPOO continuously demonstrates its relentless pursuit of technology and excelling technique in every detail. Upholding the craftsmanship,

VOOPOO leads the industry standards of both technology and technique. Moreover, with its innovation, the company successfully sets the world’s fastest firing speed, and creates the power compensation mode and FIT modes, innovating the vaping experience of vapers over and over again. Our supreme mission is to shoulder social responsibility of corporate and human to promote sound growth of e-cigarette industry with perfect products and ultimate service.

Sustained INNOVATION defines VOOPOO. VOOPOO always keeps motivated to build a safer, more scientific and more intelligent future of vaping through technology.

Therefore, domain name acquisition of VOOPOO is exactly a self-encouragement of our brand value as well as the practice of our corporate mission.


Hey guys,

From the previous posts, we have known the innovative craftsmanship of WoodyVapes. And of course, you guys must be very familiar with Gene Chip.
The combination of WoodyVapes Mod with VOOPOO Gene Chip will definitely bring you a breathtaking new product: X217!

What will X217 be like?Stay tuned!


How exactly is this relevant information for anyone? Why should we care how much you spend purchasing a domain name?

We would much more like to know what are the coils made of, and are they safe to vape