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VV/VW boards - are there any DIY projects?


Tell me exactly what you are wanting to know…I’m asking some friends.


,Great, thanks. The bottom side has just “Phillipines” printed on and both sides have a tiny little indentation but much smaller than a regular one to mark one side.


You just wanna know which one is pin 1?


Well, that’s all i need to know to finish the board an have a dry run


Waiting for a response…I’ll let ya know!


One of the guys in my group came back confidently with bottom left pin on the image I provided. Image I provided was the image you gave me. The question I posted featured your image AND the link to the part.
Shall I prod further?


You know what? I have not noticed the dent directly next to the pin. Just didn’t expect it there! Shame on me, man! But i haven’t looked at the pic since that night.


So we good?


Absolutely, soldering iron is heating up now!
Thanks for pointing out the obvious :smiley:


Don’t ever hesitate to ask…great group of guys in my group. Do you Facebook?


Not using the account anymore but but yes - what’s the group?


There are a few, but the best ones are:
Smart PWM Mods
I can be found as well, if needed…Rob McLeod with my WR logo!


Great info, thanks a lot!


Got something for ya:


Oh you mean man! Now you’re rubbing it in!


Seriously, i haven’t soldered many different chips but this was the first one i couldn’t find it on…


No sir…it was given to me when I asked. They know I prefer the why over the what. I don’t just want an answer to my questions…I want to learn how to answer the questions myself. So they delivered!
No disrespect intended, my brother!


Just kidding, Reading it now. There’s always something new to learn. That’s why i built a couple of quadrocopters an oktocopter from scratch rather than buying one out of the box.


Did you find the groups on FB?


Haven’t checked yet. Just getting the pcb ready in the frame for soldering