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Waiting for news of my friend


Hey guys. I’m hanging over my PC today for a particular reason. The reason is that a friend of mine across the pond in Canada is in labour with her first child, and she’s sending me messages every now and then (and I’m sending messages back of course). I’m doing my best to be there for her, because she’s living in a new town, alone , her partner (the baby’s father, and another good friend of mine) having died a few months ago, just as they were verging on moving house ( I mean literally.!They had to cancel; their plane tickets when he was rushed into hospital) Wish i could be there in the flesh, but when we thought about it, that just wasn’t halfway practical.

Anyways, if you wouldn’t mind sending your thoughts, prayers, the odd bit of spare energy, or whatever you believe, or even disbelieve in , in her direction. Would be appreciated. Thanks.

This has got to go well for her. That girl’s had way too much sadness already.


Consider it done @jay210. Ask. Believe. If you can do that, it WILL happen. “She’ll be right mate” as we say down here in Oz… Cheers.


Yes ! Done


you both are in my thoughts and my prayers


Prayers sent.:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:


Way Cool of you @jay210 Prayers Sent Her way :smiley:


I’m praying for you both n baby ! Hoping for a safe and beautiful delivery of her baby.


Sending all the good juju!


Dittos …


It’s a boy! :fireworks::sparkler::tada:
Thanks, guys I really do appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers :slight_smile:


Cheers! :clinking_glasses: Congrats to her!


That is awesome , continued best wishes!


I just have to ask out of curiosity and because birthy stuff fascinates me (literally, I could talk for hours about birthing…lol I’m weird like that), did she wait till the birth to find out the sex?


yes she did. and so did i when i had mine (heck, 28 years ago now). why spoil the surprise?


Yeah I found out with my first but the next three were all surprises. So much fun that way!


I always have to know the gender! I get to anxious! Got one in the oven now (number 4 hahahah)
Im chomping at the bit to find out!!


Oh! And congrats to your friend and the healthy delivery of the little boy!


Omg! Congrats Laura!!! :tada:


Congrats! Awesome news petal! :tada:

And congrats to your friend too @jay210 - glad things went okay.


Thank you everybody! And good morning! I’ve just woken up. Yep it’s the middle of the afternoon here in Britain, but I’ve kindas drifted into keeping Canadian time. Anxiously checked my mail first thing, cos last I heard, the baby had ben taken into ICU. Nothing horribly serious (.i think) just a problem with blood sugar levels.

No further word . So, hopefully, my friend has managed to get a bit of sleep. I recall , after mine was born, i couldn’t sleep, cos they’d wheeled him away in the night…not to ICU, I hasten to add, just out of my room, on the absurd theory that I’d sleep better w/o baby next to me. I did very badly need the sleep. having been sleepless due to labour commencing at midnight , 24 hours previously , then getting worn out by difficult labour, then having to have an emergency C-section, following midnight . But when I turned to see no baby there, I became increasingly distraught, ofc, and I couldn’t go and look for him cos I had all these tubes sticking out of me. It was a truly awful experience. Stupid bastards!