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Want a fanny bag


Been searching for a fanny bag or as its known here in Australia a bum bag. Maybe google limits my options because of my location but I can’t find a good one. I want one with 3 different compartments for tanks, one for my mod, and a few for 100ml juice bottles. Then just space for a few spare batteries and coils. Can anyone help please?


Not Sure if they ship to Australia.


I want one that doesn’t have a plastic buckle. I used to wear them all the time, but sooner-or-later the damned plastic buckle would break, ansd on the last occasion I failed to notice! and almost left the thing behind on the ground along with my wallet and everything.

So, does anybody know one with an unbreakable strap and buckle? preferably one that doesn’t cost the earth? (I’ve seen seen some really tempting hand-crafted leather ones, with metal buckle)
Oh! i’m in the UK, BTW.


A large assortment of ecig fanny bags.


Hell, at the point of strapping some of those on you’d be better off with a freakin’ messenger bag!


I know what you mean. I’ve got a couple of these… I carry my 9mm on 1 hip and this on the other…


Some of these look alright just not what I’m looking for. I guess some pockets for a few tanks is what I want the most. I just want to be able to carry a few tanks with different flavours around to easily swap


Hmm. so far as I can tell, they all have the dreaded plastic buckles…all apart from those that just hook over the belt that you’re already wearing. Now, there’s an idea!

Just to make things a bit more awkward though, as a woman ( more-or-less) I have a bunch of outfits that don’t come with belt loop[s; and increasingly so, now i’m getting to that age where elasicated-waisted jeggings and such make a strong appea\l over traditional denims.

sigh i can see myself eventually giving in going for some kind of overpriced “festival bag” with metal buckles. i’ve ben looking at those covetously, but, well, I just can’t help getting indignant when i see all these hippy- style items on the market at prices that no proper old-fashioned hippy could possibly afford! chuckle


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