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Watch My Hemp Build Age


Good, at least you’re not thinking that’s a shadow no more :grin:

I shouldn’t talk though… you should’ve seen my SS fused clapton after 20ml of a juice with 0.5% super sweet :zipper_mouth_face:


I’m starting to get the whole idea about flat wire builds :rofl:


I think the more correct statement is you, who have seen the build only through my cell phone pictures, think that was not shadows.

Me, who has and had the build in his hands under a magnifying glass, saw that it was shadows except for the coils. That said, at 6 weeks the coils are crusty and need to be cleaned, so here we go:


Here is how I clean this build

First a repost of the 6 week starting condition:

No rinsing, just pulsing until the flavor changes, then partially removing the “dried” wick. You can see in the picture a modest amount of hard carbon deposits. These do not dissolve into hemp wick the way cotton and rayon do.

I completly remove the wick and rinse in hot tap water. Twisting one end a half turn prevents the water from blowing the wick apart:

I now dry burn with a full cool between. First I pulse dry at 6.5V. I do this until the coil stops producing a small amount of vape from the coil:

I then pulse until there is a light red glow, again at 6.5V another 5x. After which the coils look like this:

I put the assembled RDA into a small jar full of vodka that I use to rinse syringes etc. I twist one end of each wick 1/2 turn and fan the rest open. I place both wicks in a separate jar of fresh vodka.

Both jars get put into a 50C USC for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes in the hot USC the coils look like this:

…and the wicks look like so:

…and fully rebuilt:


The wick was indeed pretty clean, but the coil was black… big difference on the before and after USC pics :star_struck:
Amazing looking USC you have there, much more industrial quality looking than the average little useless USCs they sells in vape shops. Do you have a link for those? Count me interested :smiley:


Dude! You’re supposed to ask why anyone would do all this versus rebuild! I don’t know! Haha!

The USC does indeed look more industrial but I was surprised to find that my water became very rusty very quickly. I filled it with DI water just to be certain the source is not my house water. I dont believe it is worth the pricetag, but nothing cheaper is either. I bought it off Amazon searching “stainless ultrasonicator” it is 6 liter capacity. I have needs for it other than vaping, so its probably overkill.


The lazy side of me was going to… but there’s also a side to me that absolutely hates waste :wink:
I’ve got other uses for USC than simply cleaning coils though, so I remain interested.


Something like a 10 week bump.

Apologies for the missing pictures. Life has gotten busy recently. My mods become life support equipment in such times. Hemp lets me get by with little to no maintenance. Flavor isnt the greatest tbh, but I cant be bothered.


~14week bump, roughly 600ml consumed on this build. (See first post for pics)


Due to my destroying the wick during cleaning today, this experiment is over. I believe the wick life was essentially over at around 600ml of 60%VG juice at just over 3 months of daily usage.

Going forward I am going to change around 300ml. I definitely noticed a performance drop around that threshold. YMMV. Would love to hear your comments.


This would be an experiment that would be impossible for me to conduct. I’m constantly rolling mods and atties in and out of daily rotation. I have absolutely no clue as to how long any wicking or coiling lasts me in terms of "running hours, or juice consumption. In terms of time, I can only say a long time. I can never remember when I last wicked or coiled an atty unless it is a redo for the sake of changing something in the build.