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Watch My Hemp Build Age


Sounds like some updated pics would be cool. ATM


Top o the thread up yonder ^^^^^. Maybe Its a bad idea to do it this way. Update your cache?


What are the particulars of the hemp you’re using? Is it a specific brand or type? Perhaps you already mentioned it and I missed it. I’m very interested in this thread. Thanks for putting it up.


More info here: Hemp Wicking Tutorial
and unless he failed to tell me recently the hemp is http://www.hemptraders.com/product-p/f-sl1.htm


I have been using hemp since a month or 2 and after i got used to it i noticed my wicks lasted longer as did my total build.
this picture is of my 3 week old build.
i am very happy i got introduced to hemp imo its a easier wick and the total build just lasts longer :grin:


@Dyrty is running 316SS. 30%PG Wire matters for longevity ime.


How do you not taste that burn at week 3?
That would spoil the flavor for me completely and I’d be rewicking / recoiling already after the week 2 pics. The moment I get even a hint of burnt flavor, I stop vaping that setup.


There is no burnt flavor to me now. For my purposes the coils are just getting broken in and Ive upped the voltage to 11V this week. When they get crusty there can be a flavor and thats when I either clean or rebuild. Hemp doesnt behave like cotton, soaking up the residue and turning brown, which is what Ive always associated the burnt flavor with. YMMV.


Now you have grabbed my attention. I have never thought of it that way. I run my coils for probably 6 months or more but re-wick daily or even twice a day. Often times I do not dry burn I just re-wick and go on. I may have to re-visit hemp and see if I have any luck with it.


I ran a little experiment with hemp awhile back and ran nearly 800 ml on a single wick (granted it was a pretty clean juice not a n.e.t) .
I swished the coils and wicks in water every so often and they came out totally clean - i was going to pull these wicks and dry burn the coils but unfortunately was a bit ham fisted and killed the coils pulling the wicks.

Yes I know it is a bit manky but it was all for science.

Granted that a NET will give you a lot more gunk but a swish in water may get it sorted it is certainly worth a shot.


Cool man. Thanks for finally posting on this, Ive been curious but didnt want to pry. I wasnt 100% certain you werent messing with me. A rinse in hot water, better yet a hot USC is typical week 2-3 for me, then I can go a couple of months with a rinse here and there. @Suomynona I too quit when I taste a burned flavor. To me at least the blackening of the coils behaves very different than cotton. Our tasters could be totally different, so Im just sayin.

All this has started me thinking that maybe Ill just keep using the same wick in new coils. Hemp doesnt get gummy like silica did for me. It doesnt absorbe the burned stuff like cotton or rayon. It always rinses clean as new, maybe some big chunk of carbon need persuading. Ive been throwing it away. I think Ill keep going on this wick after a recoil. Purely for fun. I dont think its good practice due to several forms of possible contamination over time. It would be a good thing to see studied, just an unsubstantiated fear atm.

So Im really not sure if it is even a good thing to keep a build this long. Maybe cotton forcing you to change is even good.

Whilst Im being afraid of things I’ve been alarmed to learn several folks like Jesse are experiencing burning. I have never, ever, ever charred hemp, much less burn it. Even on my kanthal mech builds it never burned. One time in a noisy cricket dry fired like someone bound for a news story I burned a wick in half. My mech builds would cook rayon and cotton often. I started using hemp because the mech was killing those wicks. I started using hemp for that reason.

Jesse and at least one other experiencing burning @SthrnMixer IIRC are max or high VG mixers where I vape 40%PG. @woftam what %PG was your 800ml? Coil material? I thought those were claptons on my phone, but is it rectangular wire?


Well … I guess it is a real case of YMMV
I’ve tried hemp, had high expectations and they got a bit squashed at first try. I won’t say it was awful but I can’t say it performed better than cotton. After about 2 weeks of average use, I got a burnt taste and when I inspected, I saw the hemp was slightly singed, somewhere between what you have in your pics between your week 1 and 2 pics.
It spoils the flavor of the juice for me so I’d have to rewick just as often as with cotton. Maybe you can wash it off the hemp, but I can never get it completely out of fused claptons (inside the wrap) so I usually do a complete new build anyways. The longer I’ve been vaping, the more it bothers me as well. You won’t ever see my coils with a crust on them like woftam’s coils.

I’ll still use my hemp, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it but personally I don’t see the big advantage.


Coil material and %PG? This is good stuff. This singing stuff bothers me. Nothing on my build is singed. I will pull the wick out in the pic Monday.

Ive never had a clapton build with any wick that lasted more than a few weeks.


I always vape SS 316L and mostly 70/30 liquids.


And when I say singed, I just mean that it leaves those blackish marks. It can be that it’s gunk from the coil but it doesn’t matter to me where it comes from, it’s black, it’s burnt, it doesn’t taste right so I’ll dump it.


Mind labeling the black marks on this 3 week photo?



That really doesn’t look like the rest of the wick, or is something wrong with my screen?
It probably comes from the coil and is likely washable from the hemp, but it’s stuff that I taste in my vape and requires a rebuild to me.

And don’t get me wrong, I do have some lazy days and you could find me vaping this for a while until it gets worse… but it’s not something I’ll vape for weeks, not something I think is OK, not something I can really enjoy.


I have been meaning to post if in forever but I lost the pictures. The coil is 316l 3x 28 wrapped in 40 (from memory). The mix is 80vg. And the flavours were all RF SC + acids the nic was nic salts 3mg. The flavouring was quite a low % and tend not to be very gunky.


TY, but just shadows it looks like to me. I honestly was worried Id missed something (i inspect the coils periodically with a jewelers loupe) until I zoomed in to crop the picture above. The reflection of the flash is unfortunate here, I’ll do better. I get you though, if you can taste it time to change, doesnt matter the origin.

I would not expect to get much life at all from SS Claptons, but some folks seem to be. I also get reduced lifetime below 35%PG. Thanks again to all for the pics, details, and experience!


6 week bump…cleaned once running under the tap. More cleaning to come now that I see the latest picture.