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Watch your Credit/Debit card balances!


Thanks. Gives me a case of the butt. I just want to see the leaches cut off.


When Equifax was hacked, 145 million adults had their SS #, birthdate, address, were all compromised. I had someone hack my bank account, change username, password, put money into this account from another person’s accounts, transferred money from savings to my checking account. Then transferred money from a second account of mine in a different bank. We acted fast captured the first account back, stopped the transfer from the second bank account, changed all the usernames, passwords and started using two part account verification where a temp password is sent to your cell phone to enter on your computer. These people got almost $5000 from a major drug store, it cost me nothing but time.

You then notify the the IRS that your information has been stolen, they will go after tax return, you can get a pin from the IRS that must become part of your return, but you will always have to use it.

When it is all said and done Equifax has not been punished in any way for their non action in securing your information that you didn’t give them permission to have.


I try to keep what I order online and who I order it from to a minimum so at least if this ever happens to me I’ll have it narrowed down to only a few places. I have alerts on my accounts any time more than $50 is spent or withdrawn. My bank will call me any time there’s a big withdrawal and/or when a charge looks out of place. “Did you order from somewhere called Nude Nicotine?” “Um, yep.” :rofl: A sample that only cost me shipping. LoL.

The only time I’ve had my number stolen was when I paid off a medical debt. Pretty sure the girl who took my card number is the one who used it. Order a $150 drill online at home depot. I called my bank immediately and they took care of it and I’m really hoping they caught the person. They had to have it shipped somewhere, so surely they used that to get her information and get her, right? I don’t know, I never heard anything else about it, but that was the one and only time. I check account balances and credit scores on my credit union’s site pretty regularly now just to make sure.


Good point. I just hate to name names since it might not be any of the above, but fair enough. I had not thought of it, but I guess it could have possibly been part of the Equifax hack. Who knows?

The vape vendors I have ordered from are Nic River, VapeNW, Breazy, and EcigExpress. It may have nothing to do with any of them, but I have not ordered from anywhere else with that card recently.

@SmilingOgre Sorry about your AppleID problems, I have mine tied to a couple of things too, but have yet to check those and my card is now maxed until they pull the fraudulent charges off. I wish you much luck in getting resolution to your problem as quickly as possible.


Appreciate that. I’ll get it squared away. It is just a ludicrous state of affairs at the moment.


I hear ya. Much luck, Ogre.


OH if only PayPal would show the vaping world some love besides overseas. Been there @SmilingOgre. It sucks and is infuriating. I use prepaids sometimes, but hate the fees. That money I could be spending on more stuff. I recently got a PayPal debt card and going to try it that way. Load what I need to spend on the card, but my stuff and no money to steal. Just make sure you don’t back up the card with something else. I have yet to try this. Anyone else tried it this way??


Call Wes at NR and see if they can do a PayPal option. If I can remember I’ll ask


Just a quick update just in case anybody is interested. Money is back in my account and I now have a second account with a very minimal amount of available funds. I can do instant online transfers at no cost to “front load” a second card for purchases. Next time around if I get hacked the hackers will get transaction declined. Perfect payment for their work hacking.


In regards to this PayPal option we unfortunately cannot do so for quite an insane reason! PayPal has contacted us and banned us from using their services along with anyone else related to the tobacco industry. If you sell Nicotine (since it’s mainly tobacco based product) you are banned immediately. No reason necessary, just a simple rejection of using their services. We do offer other secure forms of payments such as wire but currently paying with a prepaid card or CC on our site is the most efficient method.

Thank you


Only when they are ahead of me in line


Feel ya.:triumph:


i hve a greendot card just for vspe stuff i put a certain amount on their each month and im good to go


I ordered from Breazy on Black Friday and my credit card information was stolen last week. Two thousand dollar plane tickets were attempted to be purchased. That’s the only place I ordered from online recently so they could be the culprit


Wow. Talk about the height of stupidity.
No… That won’t be traceable or hard to arrest someone at all…


Unfortunately, “recently” has nothing to do with a card being stolen. Many times the numbers are resold to others and used at later dates.

Also people always think of the last store they used it at, but what about anyplace you have it stored, in your comp, in different shops online, paypal… gosh the list goes on.


In my case it was recently for sure. I only had the card for three weeks when it started receiving fraudulent charges.


I have been using Capitol One for over 15 years with 4 cards. They are super vigilant for any charges made away from home or overseas. The only time it ever got hacked was after a phone payment to a firm in Waukegan., IL for a medical bill. I’m sure that the agent took my number and tried to use it for several purchases but was declined by Capitol One Fraud Protection and then they informed me. When a I travel I give them my planned locations and they secure the locations to avoid any declined purchases.
Apple is a joke for customer service so I went for Amazon music services.
Take some time to setup alerts for your accounts to your messaging. It’s easy peace of mind.


After a little more investigation into the first card fraud (and another hack I found out about today), I am pretty convinced the source of my problems is most likely Breezy.com. Hearing that others have had the same thing happen during the same time frame seems like only more evidence.

If you ordered from Breezy.com any time in the last month, I would keep an eye on any credit card accounts that were used, as I had another fraudulent charge pop up on a card today, more than a month after the legitimate orders.

Just for reference, one of the things that was fraudulently ordered was actually shipped to my house. While this is strange, I have read that some scammers are doing this now in an attempt work the system. The strange thing is that they used the mailing address exactly as I input it for an order from Breezy.com and not with my name as it appears on the credit card. If this was a local hack, there is no way they would have had my address. If you have used a credit card at Breezy, please be vigilant in checking your statements. This has definitely jaded me as far as the whole ordering vape supplies online and I will never order anything from Breezy.com again. Too bad PayPal has issues with “tobacco” stores, they could almost single-handedly solve this problem. Oh Well.


2000 at dollar general? goodness gracious