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Watch your Credit/Debit card balances!


Two cards in 30 days hacked. Both times attempts for over a grand were found. Both times approx. $600.00 were successful in posting. Personally, I’m out no money beyond cost of money waiting for the funds to be returned but this is ridiculous. Obviously I can’t blame on line vape providers but with the second card they are the only thing I charged to beyond gas, food, etc. Currently used were: Nic River, Liquid Barn, Max Vaping, Vape Royalty, Heaven’s Gifts, and Lightning Vapes. The fraudulent charges were posted to everybody from Wallmart to AT&T.


Love the fraud protection the CC’s have these days. I had two nailed in a short time period about a year ago. Tried to spend $2000 at Dollar General in North Carolina at one time! No wonder they were caught. I don’t think you can actually spend $2k at a Dollar General unless it’s a franchise fee!


Especially this time of year I think it’s wise to use prepaid cards as much as possible!


Glad you are not out anything! My card gets stolen online every few months. It got to the point I only use my american express online now since they reverse the charges immediately and i am not held responsible


When i order online I use a wal mart pre load debit card…I see what my total is an lod the card up for order…if I am dong a few orders I load so much in make orders an draw the rest out…I had my reg debit card kacked once…the charges were all in the Middle east…so learned fron that…as far as china sales if they dont do pay pal I wont order…thieves have a scanner now if the walk by you it shows the credit cards u have on you…dont know how it works but I got a letter telling me about it from my bank…so now pre load cards are the safest for me


I’m thinking along the same lines. In the vernacular, this is Bull Shit! This is obviously well thought out. They tried a couple of under $1.00 “tests” before going for larger amounts. I’m going to ask my bank about putting something together that I can simply transfer funds into for purchases and keep the balance at a bare minimum.


Very sorry to hear. But definitely appreciate your giving the community a heads up!

I hope your bank/C.C. takes care of your situation in your favor and promptly.


Thanks, They are taking care of it but not quickly. Each instance will take about 45 days to process. I guess in the sense the money is negative equity right now I’m coming out ahead?, lol. This whole internet security thing is getting out of control. Take apple for instance. They require that you register a card with them. My Ipad is pretty much shut down right now because of the last card change. Nuts.


Had a problem with apple . Fraud app purchases kept appearing and taking cash of my card. Or putting my account owing apple … paid last charge since it was one I actually did purchase. And then removed my credit card from my apple account. Now I use prepaid iTunes cards now.

I lost one my apple ids because it got hacked and they added a credit card and unless I add a credit card they won’t recover it for me …

I just ignore the emails from that Apple ID …


Something just doesn’t sound right, because if someone hacked the account, and then put a credit card on the hacked account…You (they) now have legal traceability!

Granted, it’s probably a stolen card info anyways… But all the more reason you think Apple would take measures to rectify the situation.


I am sorry to hear that, @SmilingOgre. I was coming on here to ask if anybody else has had their credit card info stolen recently. Less than an hour ago I got a text alert from one of my cards. When I called I found out that 5 charges of roughly $200 each were made this afternoon. One originated in the UK, two in Australia, and one in Texas. I couldn’t get info on the last one, as they had already frozen my account when it came in.

As long as I have had a card this has never happened. Now, I don’t want to throw any vape companies under the bus, the only places I have ordered anything from recently using that card were vape vendors. Since I am new to the vaping world (trying to finally quit smoking for good), I am hoping this is an isolated incident. My CC company was great about taking care of the fraudulent charges, cancelling the card, and expediting a replacement, but this is alarming nonetheless.

Has anyone else had any issues recently?

@SmilingOgre One of the vendors I ordered from is your list. I have also ordered from 3 others that are not on your list.


There is no way I can tell the origin of the breach but per the responses to this thread it is obviously rampant. Prior to the occurrence in October, I have never had a problem either. But two cards in 30 days, that’s significant.


Man that sucks :frowning: This is one of the reasons I like PayPal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My card is linked to my PayPal and if any fraud happens I’ll kno it’s one of 2 vendors as every other order I place accepts PayPal


If it were me I’d share the vendors, it could alert others and ultimately help the vendors get their sites sorted.


Yep. I say, free the information and let the cards fall where they may. If it wasn’t one of them, most of them have reps here and can say for sure. If it was, well, people should know.


Yes i could not agree more - if people shop at the common vendor then it allows them to be extra vigilant.


No they actually told me since there was a credit card on the account. I’d have to add a credit card to recover my account.

I was like really. My account is hacked because y’all got hacked and you want me to add a credit card to an account I don’t make purchases on.

The rep response was

I can see this account is over 3 yrs old and has never made any purchases until recently when the credit card was added. But unless you provide a credit card we ca not recover the account.

Personally I think there are purchases apple wanting to charge me for


And the rub for me is there are a number of apps that are free provided by my bank, some audio gear I use, etc. and they are all non-functioning now because they need to be updated. I can’t update the damn things because my apple account is suspended because the credit card on file was closed down per fraud. WTF kind of crap is that? Apple tells me the account is in recovery and will be for eleven days. WTF? It’s not like someone kicked it in the nuts and it is sitting in a hospital bed. I’d like to kick apple in the nuts right now and they can join my account in recovery.


Geez dude, I’m sorry that happened to you, and during the holidays makes it even worse. I have to check mine now as I can’t use PayPal on of those sites, but damn I wish they offered the option. I really like that 3fvape gives the option of PayPal as it gives me more peace of mind when ordering out of country.