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Water, Salmon, Bears! Oh My!


Nature at it’s best! :sunglasses:

Brooks Falls ~ Katmai National Park, Alaska

Enjoy wasting hours on end watching bears catch their next meal!

Live Stream! (pun intended)


Da Bears!

If birds are more your thing…


Not much activity here :rofl:


And to think I spend hours,days weeks casting away with no results!


Did someone say ALBATROSS?!?


I had totally forgotten about that bit! :rofl: Thanks for the reminder!!!


i cant believe how they carefully remove the skin from the fish thank you im going to show my kids they will love this


I remember watching a nature show with the family. Zebras were inching towards a croc infested river, for a drink. Most of the zebras were hanging back a bit. One kept moving closer. You knew what was about to happen. My youngest daughter, who was about 5 at the time, started shrieking. ,NO NO… RUN …RUN AWAY!! The croc had zebra for lunch.

it was a sign of my daughter’s future. She’s 28 now, and a vet tech. She helps save animal’s lives every day.