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Weird weird weird


A weird short film called “vape” it has vaping in it. It’s like s b-grade short film.

Btw it is a bad film, in a oddly good way. Don’t ask me about the dope innuendo. Very weird.


I don’t know. I kinda liked it in some weird way :relaxed:


Interesting video…What’s weird…@ 16:58 he asks her if she likes Tame Impala. One of my friends asked me that just recently. It reminded me to look em up.:smirk: Me likeys weird. js



That was worse than watching a Shyamalan movie. To me, the weird part was the way they were vaping, tilting their head back as if they were drinking.


Ha! No fair… you said ‘weird’ - then, I had to watch … I kind of liked the little video. Symbolic, about not being or doing what’s ‘expected’? A little about escapism from innane rules and people that make them up maybe? Old hippies and new hippies will relate, I think. Nonconformity, because it feels good and makes sense to you, seems to be a main point. Identifying with others that feel the same, sort of a sub-plot… At least, that’s what it seemed to me… Of course, I could just be full of hot air {get it? Full of hot air - cool air actually ;)…}.


I :heart: nonconformity. :+1: