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Hi guys,

This post we want to discuss How to use Wellon Transformer do Vape Tornado Trick?

Here we go and vape on.

How to use Wellon Transformer do Vape Tornado Trick?

To achieve a perfect tornado takes a ton of practice. Just like the vape bubble trick, you will need a toilet paper roll. Take and inhale a long pull from your e-cigarette and exhale through the toilet paper roll onto the “tornado surface.” Use your hand to chop downward at the surface lightly.

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Hi guys,

How has your weekend been?

This thread we want to discuss Standout Feature of Wellon Transformer Mod .

Here are some pictures of Wellon Transformer Mod:

Standout Feature of Wellon Transformer Mod
Standout Feature of Wellon Transformer Mod

The one standout feature of the mod would probably be the magnetic flap that is used to protect the adjustment buttons when not in use. For safety the mod also features the usual protections like 10s puff cutoff, short circuit protection, open circuit protection, high temp and reverse battery.

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Hi Guys,

This thread we want to discuss Vape Jellyfish Trick.

Here is an easy guideline on Step by step Tech You Vape Jellyfish Trick.

Step by step Tech You Vape Jellyfish Trick

Take a good hit of vapour from your Vape device
Make a thick and fairly big O-ring using the techniques learn from Wellon earlier articles Now, take another quick hit of vapour from your device and exhale into the o-ring to create a Jellyfish effect.

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Hi guys,

This Post we want to discuss Beginner Vaper Tutorial: How to Fill Your Vape Tank.

Here we go Vaping Tour.

How to fill vape tank for beginners?

#1 step of Fill up vape tank
First of all, you should make sure two things before fill up your Vape tank.
Remove tank from battery.
Remove mouthpiece from Vape tank.
Tank style atomizers contain a central tube that runs from the coil up to the mouthpiece. While filling up the tank, tilt it a bit to ensure that central tube is empty.

#2 step of Fill up vape tank
Tilt tank.
When you tilt the tank, liquid runs down the inside of the glass or plastic of your tank.

#3 step of Fill up vape tank
Pour e-liquid inside Vape tank.
This keeps central tube away from coming in contact with e-liquid.

#4 step of Fill up vape tank
Pour e-liquid to top mL marking at most.
As that tank fills up, gradually straighten the tank to avoid spills.
Then, Screw-on mouthpiece before vaping.

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Hi Guys,

Today I want to introduce The Airflow Adjustable ability of Vape RDA.

Yes, The Airflow Adjustable ability is so important for an ideally Vape device.

But why? Read on and vaping on.

The Airflow Adjustable ability is so important for an ideally Vape device

The Airflow Adjustable ability of Vape RDA

Adjustable airflow simply means the ability you have to choose how much air travels through the RDA, pulling through the coils and then into your lungs.
The higher the airflow, the more vapour produced and vice versa. It’s important to note that if you’re going to be vaping at a lower resistance, you’ll need a greater airflow, so it’s optimal to get hold of an RDA where you can mess around with the airflow.

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Hello Vapers,

Today we will discuss Blow Double Smoke Rings.

Here we go how to Blow Double Smoke Rings.

how to Blow Double Smoke Rings

Blow Double Vape Rings Guideline

Begin the same way you begin blowing a single smoke ring.
Inhale, drop your jaw, form your lips, but this time before you blow a smoke ring, place your pointer finger on the middle of your lips as to draw a line from your chin to your nose with your finger pointing towards your nose.
If your finger is centered properly, you will allow more smoke out of one side of your mouth than the other and the trick won’t work.

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Hi Guys,

Are you planning to join some parties this weekend?

Vaping is an attitude, meeting there with big stars.

Have a read this Prepare to Build Vape Coils article.

Prepare Steps to Build Vape Coils

  1. Small blue 2mm screwdriver (included with most RDA’s) or 2mm drill bit/ 14ga blunt tip needle
  2. Additional small screwdriver or Allen key that fits your RDA’s screws.
  3. Small butane or propane torch.
  4. Tweezers (preferably ceramic tipped), needle nose pliers, or forceps.
  5. Small wire cutters or nail clippers
  6. Scissors
  7. Wicking Materials: organic cotton, silica, eko-wool etc.
  8. E-juice
  9. A little time and patience.

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Wellon Technology Co., Ltd is a leading healthy Electronic Cigarettes manufacturer and exporter from Shenzhen of China. Wellon is the best option for healthy electronic cigarettes.

Wellon Technology Co., Ltd is a leading healthy Electronic Cigarettes manufacturer
Professional service
At Wellon, we make the safety and satisfaction of our customers our top priority.

Vape Certificate
All of Wellon products are with the CE, ROHS, FCC certificates, so quality are guaranteed.

Patent Technology
Wellon is a DESIGNER E-CIG COMPANY. Emphasize on the innovation and creativity of our products

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Hi Vapors,

Have a nice day.

Do you know how to Vape Bane Inhale Trick?

Here we go, vape on.

Do you know how to Vape Bane Inhale Trick?

Vape Bane Inhale Trick Steps Guideline
Store the smoke in your cheeks.
Like a french inhale take a pull of your mod and hold the vapour in your cheeks.
Take a big drag of whatever you’re smoking on but don’t inhale it!
Just hold the smoke in your cheeks like a hamster with grains.
The less the smoke moves, the thicker it will be.

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Hi Vapers,

How is your Cyber Monday?

Have you empty your wishlist cart? haha

This thread we will talk about Air Bending Vape Trick.

Read on and vape on.

Do You Know Vape Tricks Air Bending?

What is Air Bending Vape Trick?
Vaping Air Bending Trick is one of the first variations of blowing O’s.
This trick is what separates the beginners from the seasoned pros.
Air Bending vape Trick is to manipulate a smoke ring or a trick anyway you want using your hands or body.

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Hi Vapers,

This thread we want to introduce an Unmatched Vape Starter Kit from Wellontech.com

2017 new trendy products Wellon Transformer 75w 4.0ml EU 18650battery vape box mod kit.

Here are some pictures to have a glance.

Unmatched SVape Kit from Wellontech.com Unmatched SVape Kit from Wellontech.com

The Transformer Kit Specs and features:

Transformer tank

Diameter: 22 mm
Height: 47.6 mm
Capacity: 4.0 mL
Weight: 71 g
Replaceable Pyrex glass
Symmetric airflow

Transformer Box Mod

Dimension: 82 x 42 x 22 mm
Weight: 121 g
Temperature range 200-600F
Output wattage: 1-75
Resistance: 0.1-3.0 ohms
Standby current: <50 uA
Voltage range: 0.5-8 volts
Fit for: 18650
Material: Zinc alloy
Thread: Spring loaded
Display: OLED

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Hi Guys,

Do you know Why Raise E-Cigarette Age of 21 in Hawaii?

Here is an explanation from American Cancer Society.

Do You Know Why Raise the Smoking Age to 21 in Hawaii?

Tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes or e-cigs, can only be sold to people who are at least 21 years old.

This is really important because we know 95 percent of lifetime smokers start before age 21 and by removing tobacco from peer groups in high schools, we’re ensuring that young people have a lesser likelihood of knowing someone over the age of 21, and will be less likely to pick up the deadly habit to begin with,” Christopher Friend, government relations director with the American Cancer Society. Source: Do You Know Legal E-Cigarette Age and Tax in Hawaii?

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Hi Folks,

We have introduced many Vape tricks.

This post we what to discuss How to Ghost Inhale?

What is Ghost Inhale?

Technique Used When Vaping.

The ghost inhale is one of the easier vaping tricks.

Vape Experts Explain How to Ghost Inhale
How to Ghost Inhale?

Take a long pull from your e-cigarette and let the vapor linger in your mouth for a couple of seconds. 
Push all the vapor from your mouth in a ball, then quickly re-inhale the “vapor ball.”

Many smokers draw cigarette smoke through their mouths and straight into their lungs.
But many vapers, on the other hand, draw vapor into their mouths and hold it there before inhaling into their lungs.
Some vapers find that using the same technique for cigarettes causes them to cough.

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Hi Folks,

What’s your Vape E-juice at hand?

Yes, so many branded Vape E-juice in the market.

This thread we want to discuss Propylene Glycol ( PG ) E-juice Common Sense.

Vape101: Propylene Glycol ( PG ) E-juice Common Sense

PG E-juice Wicking Faster
It also absorbs into wicking structures faster, so PG-heavy DIY e-liquid flavors doesn’t need to settle into a tank quite as long before you can start vaping.

PG E-juice Enhanced Throat Inhale
PG also has the enhanced throat hit on inhale as well as thinner clouds of vape juice made with it tend to produce, as some vapers find it just right while others prefer a different experience.

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Hi Vapors,

As we know, difference region has differing Vape police, even Vape Ban law.

This thread we will discuss New York state bans vaping of electronic cigarettes indoors.

New York State Bans Vaping of Electronic Cigarettes Indoors

Is Vape Really Harmful to Our Body?

New York is the 11th state to announce a ban on indoor vaping, reflecting the US focus on e-cigs being harmful rather than a cessation tool.

But this news can’t summary Vaping harmful our body.

Have a read some research reports from the UK.

UK Researchers Say E-cigarette Safer than Smoke

Public Health England announced that e-cigarettes could be 95% less harmful than tobacco, whilst the UK’s Royal College of Physicians found that e-cigarettes carry only 5% of the risk of smoking tobacco.

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Hi Guys,

What’s your Weekend plan?

One fan told us:

Always nice to come home to some much-anticipated Vape Mail: Wellon Transformer Kit.

So we want to share detail features about it.

Time to Get Vaping and Cheers to the Awesome Weekend!

Keep on Vaping, and here we go.

Time to Get Vaping and Cheers to the Awesome Weekend!

Both the box mod and atomizer look nice.
They look especially well when combined together.
They are both available in four colours: black, gold, silver, and brass.
Devices are made of stainless steel.

A distinctive feature of the box mod lies in the control buttons: they are hidden behind a special magnetic cover beneath the display that protects them from accidental pressing.

The maximum power output is 75 W, voltage 8 V.
Apart from these characteristics, the chip provides basic protection, temperature control, and other functions.

It is powered by a single 18650 battery.
It uses a 510 connector so you will be able to use other atomizers with the mod apart from the one supplied in the kit.

Now some words about the atomizer.
The diameter of the tank is 22 mm. In addition to being made of stainless steel, it features heat-resistant Pyrex glass.

It operates using company proprietary coils (0.2 ohms at 25-60 W).
It is equipped with asymmetric airflow system with air going up and down.

The tank offers 4 ml capacity.

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Hi Guys,

Can Vaping Help You Save a Ton of Money?

This is a big topic about Vaping Quit Smoking.

And today we just discuss Benefits When You Switch to Vaping.

Can Vaping Help You Save a Ton of Money?

Vaping Can Help You Save a ton of money
This is one of the most gratifying things you will notice once you take up vaping.
Cigarettes are expensive and their prices continue to grow.
Switching to ecigs saves you the need to shell out your money on those awful analogs.
In addition, you are saving yourself the trouble of purchasing new clothes, spending money on doctor’s appointments and on insurance!
So why wait?
Switch to ecigs today! Where are you vaping on today? Tell us in the comments section below! Learn more info about healthy Electronic Cigarettes manufacturer at Wellontech.com


Hi Vapers,

How has your weekend been?

This thread we want to discuss Some common sense of Vape Tank.

Here we go and Keep on Vaping

The Function of Vape Tank
All e-cigarettes have some sort of tank to store the liquid and feed it to the Vape wick.
Quality e-cigs, advanced mods, and good vape batteries are all very important.
But don’t forget, vape tanks are where the vapor is made!

The Vape Tank Limited by EU Law
Until 2017 these came in a wide range of capacities, but thanks to a controversial EU law they’re now limited to 2ml.

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Hi Guys,

Do you know Wellon?

This thread we want to share some stories about Wellon Technology Co., Ltd.

Wellon Leading China Healthy E-cigarette Industry

Transformer Kit is our first product.
Wellon has quickly established itself as an industry leader in manufacturing healthy electronic cigarettes, as we do all of our own research and development on all of our products.
The vaping industry is consistently coming out with new products and new technology, Wellon can let you find out what you really need without spending a fortune. Employees in Wellon Tech are well-educated professionals who are experts in electronic cigarettes industry over ten years. Then not only are we up-to-date, but we are ahead of the curve.

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Hi Folks,

As we know, most advanced Vapers don’t leave electronic cigarette on the charger overnight

But How To Know Exact Vape Batteries Recharge Time?

So, this thread we want to find the answer.

Keep on Vaping with Wellon Transformer Kit.

How To Know Exact Vape Batteries Recharge Time?

The Capacity of Vape Battery Impact Recharge Time
When you comparing the capacity rating for two batteries will give you a general idea of which will last longer before needing to be recharged.
For example, the 3000mAh LG HG2 battery should last longer than the 2500mAh Samsung 25R, which should last longer than the 1500mAh LG HB6.

Learn more Vape Batteries tips at WellonTech.com